Minden Anytime Grill: A Great Indoor Countertop Grill – As Seen On TV Product Reviews

Grilled food tastes great, but grilling can be a total hassle with the propane, woodchips and charcoal that you have to buy. Even with certain grill accessories, clean-up can be a challenge. Frankly, if you don’t live in a warm state, you can only grill for a few months out of the year anyway. Who wants to sink a ton of money into a grill and not be able to use it? Sure, they have those griddles that you use on a stovetop, but the food doesn’t taste as good and grilling does. Fortunately, the Minden Anytime Grill offers an alternative to both traditional and stovetop grills.

How the Minden Anytime Grill Works

Many stovetop grills are just griddles that leave marks on your food. Unlike a true grill, the there is no contained air circulation, which means that food doesn’t have that barbecued flavor. Minden anytime grill is designed similarly to a traditional grill: Food rests above the heat source and the cover permits hot air to constantly circulate around the cooking food. The result is delicious food with grilled flavor. Plus, you don’t have to use fats or oils while you cook!

Pros and Cons of the Minden Anytime Grill

No cooking gadget is perfect, so it’s important to think about the advantages and drawbacks of any purchase you make. Here are a few things to think about before you decide to place an order:


  •  Unlike many so-called “stovetop grills,” the Minden Anytime Grill actually has a domed lid that allows air to circulate around your food. This greatly improves flavor and texture.
  •  You can use a traditional grill grate, or an included grilling plate so that you can cook all kinds of food such as chopped veggies or even pizza!.
  •  Takes only minutes to heat up on your stove.
  • You’ll no longer have the expense of charcoal, propane, or wood.
  • No more dumping ashes after cooking.
  • You can grill no matter what the weather is!


  • While this grill allows for air circulation that can improve the flavor of indoor grilled food, you can’t use charcoal or wood chips with this grill.
  • You need an electric or gas stove for this grill to work.
  • You may have to spend some time adjusting the heat so that you hit the right temperature for different foods.

Where to Buy a Minden Anytime Grill

If you buy your Minden grill through the official website, you’ll have the opportunity to get some great bonuses. First of all, you’ll get a cookbook and a free expander ring. You can also add a digital thermometer for just $8.99+ shipping. You can also get a second grill at a discounted price. Finally, you’re entitled to a 30 day money back guarantee when you buy your grill online. If you aren’t sold on the Minden Anytime Grill, online retailers such as Amazon have a multitude of competitors to the Minden Anytime Grill such as this one.

Final Word about the Minden Anytime Grill

If you enjoy grilling, but struggle with large, messy outdoor grills and or bad weather, check out the Minden Anytime Grill.  It’s a far superior option to stovetop griddles, offering grilled flavor without the mess or hassle.

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