Mighty Putty Purple – As Seen On TV Product Reviews

We are do-it-yourself-ers, whenever possible, so we spend a lot of time on household and automotive repairs, as well as in-home decorating. One area of frustration is the many items that we keep on hand for various jobs. We have nails and hammers and power drills for mounting shelves and wall decorations, as well as epoxies and glues for repairs. All this junk was getting to us, and we weren’t really happy with the products we were already using.

One day I was online and browsing some sites. I saw a link for this stuff called “Mighty Putty Purple.” I found out that it was some kind of adhesive that could be used to make repairs as well as mount items onto walls. I ordered some and was really impressed.

How Mighty Putty Purple Works

Mighty Putty Purple is easy to use. Just cut off a piece from the stick: You’ll notice that the outside is purple while the inside is white. Begin to knead the product until it turns completely white. Then it is ready to use.

If you use it to fill in cracks, just be sure to sand down the putty for a smooth appearance. Paint over the fix, and nobody will be the wiser!

Pros and Cons of Mighty Putty Purple

I really like Mighty Putty Purple and think that people should at least give it a try. But, as always, you should consider the pros and cons of any product on the market.


  • Easy to store and carry with you.
  • Does double duty as an adhesive and a repair fix.
  • Use is virtually mess-free: No mixing, no drips.
  • Works on all kinds of surfaces.
  • Seals up leaks.
  • Save money on hiring outside repair people.
  • Supports up to 350lbs of weight
  • Use Mighty Putty Purple to repair cracks in walls.
  • Mold to suit your needs.
  • Mount shelves and wall decor without the use of drills, nails or hammers that can damage your walls.


  • After activation, Mighty Putty Purple turns white. It doesn’t come in other colors, so it may be obvious to visitors.
  • This is a powerful epoxy, keep away from children and pets.
  • Be aware of the 350 lb weight limit.

Where to Buy Mighty Putty Purple

I’d recommend buying from the official website. You get a money back guarantee and you’ll be able to double your order for the cost of postage and handling. You can also see a video that shows you the many ways you can make use of the putty.

Final Recommendation

If you are a DIY kind of person, check out Mighty Putty Purple. It’s easy and convenient and can be used in so many different ways. Give it a try and see what you think.

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