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I have to admit that as a man, many times hair grows out of the strangest places and is a real headache to get rid of. The Micro Touch Max looked like the perfect solution. It is small enough to get into areas around the ears, nose, and other hard to trim places. What I was not expecting was how many other uses I could find for the trimmer.

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Here are a few of the uses I have discovered for this personal trimmer already:

  • Trim hair out of nose. (Women, you are lucky this is not a problem for you.)
  • Cleaning hair off of ears.
  • Shaving hair off of my neck to keep my hairline clean.
  • Clipping away excess hair before using a bandage, athletic tape, or even a Band-Aid.
  • Trimming hair on any part of the body including intimate areas.

Pros and Cons of the Micro Touch Max Personal Trimmer

Like any product on the market, the Micro Touch has some very positive points and a few items which could be improved. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons, starting with the positive points:


  • Small size allows you to use the trimmer in small areas around the nose and ears.
  • Longer blade than competing products makes trimming fast and easy.
  • Safe – The Micro Touch trimmer is very safe to use. It is nearly impossible to cut yourself.
  • Lighted trimming area.
  • Two comb attachments to increase ease of use.
  • Low cost.

The included light baffled me at first. Why do you need a light? Once you start using your trimmer you will instantly understand. You will no longer have those dark spots behind your hands when you are looking in the mirror. You can see exactly what you are trimming and do it accurately.


This list is going to be very short. I have only found two things of concern with the trimmer:

  • Using the light decreases the length of time the batteries last.
  • Disappears easily from bathrooms and bedrooms.

The issue with using the light seems obvious, but is something you need to remember. Only use the light when you really need it or you may end up half trimming your nose.

The disappearance issue is something which is harder to solve. Once family members discover how great this trimmer works, it will disappear all the time. There is an easy solution, order at least two. Then you can have one exclusive for you and one for the family.

Where to Buy Your Micro Touch Max

If you want to make sure you get the original Micro Touch Max with the 50% longer blade and built-in light, your best option is to buy directly from their website.  There is an added reason to do this, too. They are currently offering a free 10 piece grooming kit with your order.  That is a really nice bonus on a product which is so low priced.

Final Recommendation

Obviously you can find other personal trimmers in local stores. Why would you choose the Micro Touch Max instead?  There are a few primary reasons why I believe this is the best choice:

  • Longer blade makes the Micro Touch more flexible in use.
  • Built-in light is a surprisingly nice addition.
  • Low cost of a high quality product.
  • Bonus grooming kit is worth almost as much as the purchase price.

The product works exactly as you would hope. It works fast, cuts cleanly, and best of all causes no pain when you trim nose hair or ear hair. A perfect product for men and women.

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