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My girls and I love getting our nails done. The girls in particular really enjoy getting funky designs on their nails. The trouble is that these manicures are so expensive. I understand they cost more because the manicurist is truly an artist, but I can’t really afford for us to all get our nails done on a regular basis. We’ve taken to giving each other manicures at home, but none of us are able to duplicate the incredible nail art that we can get at the nail shop.

We had settled for home manicures on a regular basis while getting designer looks on special occasions, such as birthdays. Then we were watching TV the other day and saw an ad for Magna Nails. It was some kind of magnet that worked with a special nail polish to create incredible nail designs.  We were skeptical, but decided to give the magnets a try since they had a good offer and the kit was pretty cheap. We were surprisingly amazed at the results!

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How Magna Nails Works

Magna Nails nail polish contains minerals that respond to magnets. Once you apply a coat of polish to your nails, you hold the magnetic pattern of your choice over the nail. Patterns include horizontal and vertical stripes, diagonals, waves, and swirls. The minerals rise to the top of your polish, giving your nails the look of being custom painted by a master nail technician. It’s actually really cool looking.

Even better, the colors that the polish comes in are likewise incredible: Whether you like gem tones or metallics, your kit includes a rainbow of colors to compliment any mood or any outfit!


Pros and Cons

Like anything, there are pros and cons to using Magna Nails. Here are a few:


  • Dazzling designs don’t require artistic ability. The magnets do it all.
  • Great assortment of colors.
  • Save big money over custom manicures at the nail shop. No travel, no tipping and a whole Magna Nails set costs less than a single manicure!
  • Works on natural or artificial nails.


  • There are only four different designs available.
  • The magnets only work with the special Magna Nails nail polishes.

Where To Buy

You should definitely get Magna Nails from their official website. Not only will they give you a set of metallic nail polishes, along with four more magnets as a free bonus, you’ll also get a 30 day money back guarantee. Getting the bonuses not only gives you a lot more colors to choose from, but it makes it easier for multiple users (such as me and my daughters) to do their nails at the same time.

Final Recommendation

You’ll save a lot of money by doing your nails at home and Magna Nails gives you a professional, hip look at an unbeatable price. If you like funky nail designs, try out Magna Nails! We are glad we purchased them and I think you will be too.

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