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152633075_magic_tap_s-1095848Sometimes a product can go from interesting, to feeling like an essential for your home very quickly.  The Magic Tap is one of those types of products. I like to buy milk, juice, and bottled water in large bottles to save money, but it always presented a big problem. A gallon of milk is too heavy for young kids to handle. A 10 liter jug of water is also too heavy for kids and seniors to pour. The result of having large containers were regular spills, sometimes resulting in losing almost a full gallon of milk or juice.

The Magic Tap is a battery powered dispenser which can be used on any type of large drink bottles. Kids and seniors do not need to lift the beverage to pour it, they just push their glass against the dispensing switch and it squirts right into their glass. This leads to some great added benefits.

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The benefits of this drink dispenser may not seem obvious at first, so here are the ones I have discovered so far:

  • No more drips and spills in the refrigerator.
  • Save money because drink jugs are not spilled.
  • Save time since the kids can serve themselves.
  • Works with all beverages. (At least normal ones.)
  • Save even more money because you can buy jumbo bottles instead of small sizes.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Battery operated so works at home or on a picnic.
  • Eco-friendly since you’re not buying tons of smaller plastic bottles.

The Magic Tap is very simple to use. You just put the dispensing tube into the drink bottle, adjust the length, tighten the cap, and start using it. Since the unit is only used in short durations, the batteries last a long time, but you will still want to keep a spare set of batteries around or just use rechargeable ones.

Pros and Cons


This drink dispenser is going to quickly become a required item in your home for these reasons:

  • Works with any beverage or large bottle.
  • Batteries last a long time.
  • Kids quit driving you crazy to get them drinks. Your home becomes self-service, finally.
  • Works in the refrigerator, on the kitchen shelf, or in the back yard.


There are a couple negatives with the product, but they are very insignificant.

  • Uses batteries – Batteries add to cost of use. Even though the battery life is a long time with this product, you should invest in some rechargeable batteries just to keep costs lower.
  • Cleaning – You will need to follow the directions in the instruction sheet for cleaning, but I will say using warm slightly soapy water in a drink bottle works wonders at cleaning the tube and pump area of the Magic Tap.

As you can see, the positive aspects far outweigh the small negative points. The biggest negative is the use of batteries which you can resolve with rechargeable batteries.

Best Place to Buy

At this time there is only one place to buy the Magic Tap. It is offered as an exclusive product through their own website (we have yet to see it in stores or any other websites). That is actually a great thing though. They are currently offering a second Magic Tap free with the purchase of one. You may discover that two will not be enough either. Think about where you will be using them. You will want a Magic Tap for:

  • Milk
  • Gallons of Juice
  • Large Sports Drinks
  • Bulk Bottled Water
  • And more

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Final Recommendation

This has quickly become a product on our must have list. It provides convenient use for every member of the family. Kids can get their own glass of milk, juice, or water. Grandparents can get drinks without trying to handle heavy containers. Once you have tried one, you will never want to wrestle bottles again.

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