Lumi Doh – As Seen On TV Product Reviews

I grew up playing with children’s modeling clay and it was fun stuff, but it had its downsides. The colors tended to be dull and there was no way to make my creations permanent. Still, it seemed to be the only option for working with kids, so I bought some when I had my own family.

One day, I was visiting my sister and the kids were all excited about this new modeling material called “Lumi Doh.” I asked my sister what it was and found out that it was so much better than the stuff we played with as kids. It was brightly colored and could even glow in the dark! It adhered to surfaces and could even be baked. I went home and ordered some for my kids and they’ve been raving about it ever since!

How Lumi Doh Worksrain-20242_150-6095307

Lumi Doh is made of brightly colored, shiny silicone. It is non toxic and while it can adhere to surfaces, such as walls, it won’t damage them. Kids can use this stretchy “clay” to create all kinds of unique designs. Lumi Doh can be rolled out and cut with cookie-cutters, or kids can roll it into “ropes” that can be bent into more abstract designs.

What makes Lumi Doh even more fun is that it glows in the dark, making it a fun and inexpensive medium for decorating your child’s room.

While Lumi Doh does a great job of staying stretchy, it can also be baked to create a durable, permanent piece of art. No kiln required. . .your own oven will do!

Pros and Cons

Like anything you buy, Lumi Doh has its pros and cons, though I really think this is a great product. Here are some things to think about:


  • Glows in the dark, even underwater!
  • Kids can use the dough to decorate walls, school binders, etc.
  • The dough stretches nicely, allowing the kids to make designs of varying thickness.
  • Non-toxic and doesn’t leave a mess.
  • If your child creates something really gorgeous, you can bake it and keep it forever!
  • Great alternative to a night light!


  • Only comes in five colors, plus black.
  • Once you bake Lumi Doh, you can’t reuse it, so you’ll need to order more.

Where to Buy Lumi Doh

I’d suggest only buying Lumi Doh online. Some offers will give you a money back guarantee plus a whole bunch of free bonuses, such as a free guide, play mat, nonstick baking sheet, black Doh and cut outs. Plus, they’ll double your order, free, if you pay an extra postage and handling fee.

Having these extra bonuses and a double order makes playing with Lumi Doh a lot more fun, particularly if your kids want to bake their artwork. Having extras on hand means your kids can continue to play while you wait for your next order to arrive!

Final Recommendation

I can’t imagine not keeping Lumi Doh on hand for my kids and their friends. It doesn’t seem to matter how old or young the kids are: They all love playing with the stuff. Even my older daughters enjoy using Lumi Doh to create cool designs on their bedroom walls. Give this wonderful product a try!

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