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My husband kept telling me that he wanted a pocket watch. I kept my eyes peeled, but the watches I found were either super-expensive or were so ordinary and cheap looking. I really didn’t feel like buying him something that wasn’t distinctive, but I couldn’t afford a custom watch, either.

Then I saw an ad for the Kansas City Railroad Pocket Watch. Not only was it reasonably priced, but it was really distinctive with a silver-tone case that lets you see inside the watch: Watching the gears move is amazing!

I ordered one for my husband and a few more for some nieces and nephews who are into steampunk and cosplay. Everyone loved this watch!

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This watch has an interesting story behind it. Apparently, the infamous James brothers, Frank and Jessie, robbed a train full of passengers. They took everything: gold, jewelry and even the engineer’s pocket watch, which was a marvel of craftsmanship at the time. Later, it is said that Jesse James himself returned the watch to the engineer.

Eventually, some modern-day craftsmen decided to duplicate the watch and now we have the Kansas City Railroad Pocket Watch. Now I’m not sure how accurate this watch is to the one that got robbed way back then, but either way, you gotta admit it’s a really cool story! It does come with a certificate of authenticity to back up it’s claims too.

This watch is a truly unique piece, unlike many plain, completely enclosed pocket watches on the market. The case is made of silver-tone and is cut in a way so that you can see all of the gears, springs, and sprockets on the inside of it and watch them in action. It’s really cool being able to look inside the watch and see how everything works. There’s also a butterfly hinge that allows you to flip the watch open. The hinge is very sturdy and is also made out of a silver tone.

If silver isn’t your thing, you can also get the Kansas City Railroad Pocket Watch in gold which looks just as impressive:


Pros & Cons

Like any product, the Kansas City Railroad Pocket Watch has its pros and cons, but I think that the pros definitely outweigh any cons.


  • Great looking watch that comes with fob and chain.
  • Two colors to choose from: Goldtone and silvertone.
  • Certified by the American Historic Society.
  • Great story behind this watch makes it a wonderful conversation piece.
  • Can be worn as a pocket watch or as a unique necklace.
  • No battery needed.


  • Chain only comes in one length.
  • Needs winding on a regular basis.

Where to Buy It

This is an item that you want to get through the official website. You’ll be able to get a chain and fob to match your watch, and you’ll be able to select whether you want your watch in gold or silver-tone. In addition, you get a money back guarantee in case you aren’t satisfied. The official website also allows you to check on the status of your order once you’ve placed it.

Final Recommendation

A lot of people love the look of these old-time pocket watches, even if they aren’t into steampunk or cosplay. This watch looks great and is an affordable alternative to the really expensive watches on the market. Plus, it has a cool story behind it which makes for a great conversation piece. I recommend that you buy one for the watch-lover in your life!

Here is the official commercial for the Kansas City Railroad Pocket Watch if you want to check it out:

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