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Some days, you just feel like wearing leggings. Other days you want to wear comfortable jeans. Then, there are those days when you simply can’t choose between the two and wish you could wear both. That’s why the new hybrid clothes Jeaneez were invented: fashion companies understand that we women prefer a blend of style and relaxation more than anything else. Besides covering all those basic points, the Jeaneez jeggings for women also include the added bonus of shaping and slimming your glutes, thighs, and legs. You may be wondering what are jeggings. Basically, this is the Jeaneez: a legging specifically designed to look like a pair of designer jeans. A jegging is equally stylish and comfortable. You will feel good, stay trendy, and look absolutely fabulous in your new Jeaneez.

Jeaneez works just like any other pair of legging. Simply put them on, and see how you look. If they fit and you feel comfortable enough wearing them, why not buy a pair? The manufacturer offers this product in two different sizes (Small and Large/XLarge). The manufacturer also offers three different denim-like colors (distressed, stone wash blue and stone wash grey). Jeaneez is made up of three distinct, innovative layers: the soft layers fit snug to your skin, the ComfiStretch layer allows all sorts of freedom in your movement that traditional jeans cannot, and finally, the photo-realistic layer gives Jeaneez the illusion that you’re actually wearing a real pair of jeans.

Pros and Cons

  • Jeaneez customers can wear this product with a stylish, trendy outfit such as the kind you’d wear to a club). They can also wear them with comfortable clothing around the house. Irrespective of whether you want to live it up or chill out, the Jeaneez can fit every style perfectly!
  • While designer jeans can cost as much as a couple hundred dollars, you only pay some $20 for two pairs of Jeaneez. That’s right. Jeaneez is sold as a BOGO deal on the website. You get all of that style along with affordability!
  • Not only do the Jeaneez look great, but they also allow you to remain flexible. You can even work out in them. You can clean up your house, run, bend, stretch, or even do yoga in these stylish jeggings.
  • The Jeaneez also give you a slimming and toning look that you will probably love. Forget all about panty lines, muffin tops, love handles, and other unsightly lumps/bumps on your body. Actual jeans might dig into your skin with their buttons and zippers, but you can be sure that the Jeaneez will do no such thing.
  • The Jeaneez is not the most innovative product in the world. Plenty of other Jean hybrids have already sold on the market to much aplomb such as the Pajama Jeans. Jeaneez are simply jeggings. You might find other jeggings for women in other brands and styles.
  • The price of this As Seen on TV product is relatively affordable. However, you also must pay shipping and handling for each pair (including the free pair).
  • Not all women are comfortable in jeggings or leggings. The Jeaneez do have a slimming and lifting feature. However, you just may not feel comfortable in tight clothing.

Check out the official website to receive the buy one get one deal. They offer Jeaneez in three different colors/styles and two sizes. Pick your favorite. You end up paying only $19.95 for both pairs (in whichever colors you choose). You do have to cover the cost of shipping and handling for each pair. If you don’t feel satisfied with your purchase, Jeaneez includes an easy to use, 30-day money back guarantee. Although Jeaneez may appear expensive with the cost of s&h, that’s really incredible value for two pairs of leggings you’ll probably end up using to replace jeans.

Final Recommendation

I’m the kind of girl who likes to feel both trendy and comfortable at all times. So, the Jeaneez are definitely for me. This is especially pertinent with the cold weather of fall and winter quickly approaching. To me, I think they look incredibly realistic. I really couldn’t tell the difference between them and a sickeningly expensive pair of designer jeans. Not from a few feet away at least. They’re so super comfortable too. You really have to try them on to know what I’m talking about. I would rank the comfort of my new Jeaneez right up there with the most comfortable leggings I own. Best of all, I can pair them up with my favorite outfits and watch as the compliments roll in. I love my pair of Jeaneez and really believe you will too!

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