Is the Purse Pouch a Miracle Handbag Organizer? – As Seen On TV Product Reviews

Even though I definitely fall under the “girly girl” category, I never thought I would need a purse holder or a similar product for my car. This might be due to the fact that I never thought the day would come when I would finally get my driver’s license, which thankfully happened a few months ago. I live in New Jersey where you can get a full unrestricted license only when you turn 18, so you can imagine how happy I was when I was finally an official driver. Still, I never really thought about what I would need in my car, like a handbag organizer such as the Purse Pouch or something else; the only accessories that seemed important to me were all the pieces of jewelry, phone cases, wallets and everything else I fit into my daily handbag.

Boy, was I surprised the first few times I went out driving. As a beginner, it was natural for me to hit the brakes every once in a while when I did not feel comfortable. It wasn’t so natural for my purse, though, that always had a knack of rolling off the back seat of my car and spilling its contents all on the dirty floor below. After a few rides, I realized that I needed some sort of purse organizer so I could avoid this situation. Then I remembered the commercial I saw on TV for a Purse Pouch that actually seemed to get the job done. Now, after two months of daily use, I totally agree.

How the Purse Pouch works

Let me explain how the Purse Pouch or the Car Cache works (if you’re asking “The Car Cache”?, you should know that it’s a nickname for the product). The Purse Pouch is really a ridiculously simple bag organizer that acts as a car purse holder. That great part is that it’s more than a mere pouch purse, you can fit in your backpack, laptop case, mobile device or just a bunch of random objects that you want to keep in one place. It works as both a pouch and a hammock, so you can choose which way to use it.

Believe me, I am the most untalented person in the world when it comes to assembling things. I was so relieved when I realized that setting up the Purse Pouch took only a minute or two and my car was good to go from then on. All you have to do is hook it on the two front seats in your car (passenger and driver) and under the central armrest in front and adjust the straps according to the width of your car. That’s it! This purse holder will make sure that your handbag or any other things you don’t want to lose in your car are secured in one single place.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Purse Pouch


  • You will never be distracted from the road again (as long as you don’t text and drive, of course). With the Purse Pouch, you don’t need to turn around and search for belongings spread everywhere in your car because you will have them all within arm’s length.
  • Super cheap! Their website has an awesome offer right now in which you get an additional Purse Pouch for free after purchasing one. For just $10 I got a black one and a tan one for my best friend.
  • Another cool freebie I got from purchasing the Purse Pouch from their website was a two year subscription to “Better Homes and Gardens”, completely free of charge. I love playing around with home decor and interior designs in my free time, so I enjoyed this detail a lot.


  • I have to admit it, not all of my handbags fit in the Purse Pouch. It’s great for a medium sized handbag, a small purse or a clutch, but if you have any over-sized ones or beach bags, they won’t be secured inside.

Where to Get the Purse Pouch

The Purse Pouch is just a click away on, their official website. I recommend buying it from there because you get the best prices and offers.

Final Recommendation

My final verdict for the Purse Pouch is a definite yes. I am thrilled with how useful it is and how it has saved me from picking up my stuff all dirty. Like I said before, purse pouches are incredibly easy to install, even for girls like me who usually struggle with simply changing a tire. Hook, strap and adjust and in a matter of seconds you can place your purse inside safely. If you want to get organized and stay safe, you should definitely check it out.

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