Is the Kruncher the Ultimate Ab Machine? – As Seen On TV Product Reviews

It seems like no matter what we do to stay in shape, weight around our midsection remains a huge problem. One difficulty is that traditional situps and crunches rely on repetition, but offer no real resistance. That means we spend a lot of time on these exercises but don’t always get great results. One alternative is going to the gym and working out on ab machines. Not everyone has that kind of time or money. Fortunately, celebrity trainer Lee Reherman, also known as “The Sarge,”  invented a home exercise device that lets you target your abs so that you can get a decent workout in only five minutes per day! Today, we settle the question once and for all with our As Seen on TV Product Reviews: Is the Kruncher the ultimate ab machine?

How the Kruncher the Ultimate Ab Machine Works

The Kruncher is a simple device that relies on patented hinge technology to create resistance. You use it sitting down, effectively doing a seated “sit up.” However, with the Kruncher, you get actual resistance that creates strength and definition in your abs. For individuals who have knee problems, this is a wonderful option. The Kruncher won’t require that these individuals get up-and-down from the floor. Because you can remain seated on a sofa or couch, you don’t have to worry about knee pain interrupting your workouts.

Pros and Cons

No exercise routine or device is perfect. Before you commit to buying The Kruncher,  take the following into consideration:


  • No assembly required. You can start working out right away without worrying about tools and parts.
  • No need to join the gym to get access to ab machines. Perfect for busy people.
  • Compact and easy to store.
  • You can work out with The Kruncher in just about any room in your home.
  • Variable settings lets you select more challenging workouts as time goes by.


  • The Kruncher only addresses your abs. So, you’ll need a separate workout (or workouts) for the rest of your

Where to Buy the Kruncher the Ultimate Ab Workout

We recommend checking out the offer on the official website. You’ll get a 30 day money back guarantee from the manufacturer. Plus, they’ll throw in some free bonuses including a carrying case, a downloadable fitness book, and a meal plan.

Final Recommendation

If getting to the gym is a challenge, but you know you need to work out, look into The Kruncher. It’s a simple piece of equipment that is both affordable and easy to store. It probably be amazed at the difference it makes in how you look and feel.

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