Is the Flawless Hair Remover (As Seen on TV) Worth the Price? – As Seen On TV Product Reviews

With cynicism sprouting from my every pore, I checked out the (As Seen on TV) Flawless hair remover from Finishing Touch.

Call me a skeptic, but the words “As Seen on TV” raises my suspicions every time I read those words on packaging, or hear them spoken in a commercial. Of course, without seeing products on TV, many great innovations would go unnoticed. But is the Flawless hair remover a great innovation?

Maybe you have not seen the commercials, advertisements, or in-store product displays for the Flawless so let’s start with a few facts based upon the marketing jargon.

The official marketing language proclaims the Flawless hair remover to be a “revolutionary facial hair removal device” and pledges to “erases hair instantly and painlessly” all in a superior fashion to other hair removal products.

Flawless also promises none of the irritation that comes common with plucking, waxing or the use of depilatories. “Discreet, portable and gentle enough to use every day.” All of that sounds good, but the lure of marketers can make many a shoddy product seem like the greatest invention of all time.

The pitch includes plenty of praise for the sleek, lipstick-like design of the product while also touting the “finest of German engineered technology” that will microscopically remove your unwanted hair. Stray chin hairs and peach fuzz along the jawline and cheeks. The downy hint of any unwanted sprouts on the upper lip.

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The dreaded unibrow. Flawless vows to rid the face of any, and all, facial hair.

What the marketing department does not do, is reveal how the Flawless hair remover goes about achieving this feat. So how does the Flawless hair remover work?

How It Works

Butterfly™ Technology.


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This is the term the makers of Flawless use time and again. While quick to acknowledge that their product is dermatologist approved and does not use light, laser or heat to erase the unwanted facial hairs, the marketing is still very coy as they tout the end result of … skin so smooth you can flawlessly apply makeup every time.

Let me end speculation. Yes, flawless is a razor, but I do not reveal this as a bad thing.

Given the many myths about facial hair, such as, cutting hair makes it grow back thicker and more robust (scientifically proven to be untrue and discussed by the Mayo clinic in this link), I understand why the people at Finishing Touch use terminology prefer vague terms such as “… microscopically paring it down through a spinning head,” and “… the Butterfly™ Technology never touches delicate facial skin.”

Paring down and spinning head sure sound like qualities of an electric razor. However, this is not a bad thing. Electric razors have sold in various forms for decades and are reliable devices used by millions for their daily personal grooming. Misconceptions and stigmas aside, electric razors are one of the quickest and easiest ways to take care of unwanted hairs.

I understand the conceptual need to “shaving your face” can be a problematic idea for many, and no claim has been made that the Flawless is a functional tool for lumberjacks, Norseman, or sea captains.

That kind of facial growth is in an entirely different spectrum, but yes, the Flawless works mostly as advertised for removing unwanted facial hair among its target audience.

Yes It Does

In case you missed the last line of the previous paragraph let me repeat … The Flawless hair remover does work as advertised. Mostly.

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I say mostly, because advertisers often overstate the miraculous qualities of their product, and overplay the weaknesses of their competitors.

Who hasn’t seen the infomercial of the guy writhing in pain after accidentally squirting the juice into his own eyes as he awkwardly tries to peel an orange the old-fashioned way and? I remember this scene, but not what the bad TV spot was trying to sell me, and it is that kind of hyperbole that brings out the skeptic in us all.

The marketing for the Flawless is not up to that over-the-top level of showmanship, but because of ads that are, it’s hard to believe anything we’re told by advertisers.

That being said, for those with reasonable expectations the Flawless hair remover is a solid product that delivers on its promise to remove unwanted facial hair. Is it the best option? That depends on many factors, but further down below, I will contrast the advantages and disadvantages of Flawless compared to other hair removal products and procedures.

What Comes in the Package

The Flawless hair remover comes packaged with everything you need, so there is no hidden cost or assemble required aside from putting the battery in. Yes, one AA battery is included. The battery life could be better, but Finishing Touch has also added a rechargeable model available to the mix.

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As described on TV and elsewhere the Flawless hair remover is a stylish capsule that looks and feels a whole like a tube of lipstick. The outside material cleans up easily and feels good in the hand.

An LED light on one side is a handy tool for highlighting areas that need to be removed over again. Yes, you will need to circle over most areas more than once before you achieve the desired smoothness.

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The head is 18-karat gold-plated making it hypo-allergenic and soft to the touch. The spinning blades underneath never come in contact with your skin.

The unit is self-contained and easy enough to clean-up though, for me, the included brush did not work as well for the task as a simple cotton swab. Replacement heads are available and some reviews I read mentioned the need for them quicker than they would have liked, but you will find more about reviews further down in this piece.

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Remember, that hype I talked about. The term hair remover might not be straight up hyperbole, but it is is a little misleading.

Yes, the Flawless removes all visible hair. And it does so without irritating the skin or causing discomfort or pain. But the follicles are untouched so the hair will be back.

How fast? That depends on the individual and how often you will need to use the Flawless hair remover is again up to you, but this is where the discreet factor comes in. The design means you can easily carry the Flawless in your purse and pocket and go for that quick touchup anytime.

One big advantage the Flawless has over other hair removal products such as waxing or threading is that you need not wait until you see or feel unwanted facial fuzz before you use the product. A quick swipe and a swoop and you can nip the problems hairs away before they are even visible.

Let’s Face it; The Flawless Is Not Just For Your Face

So far, I have only talked about the most obvious use for the Flawless, but the face is not the only place unwanted hair grows. The Flawless hair remover works for arms, bikini lines, ear fuzz, or anyplace that you want to tidy up.

Again, the military will not stockpile the Flawless Hair remover to give buzz cuts to a bunch of shaggy recruits, so don’t expect the Flawless to soldier up and hack through a jungle south of the equator.

But with reasonable expectations, you won’t be disappointed you parted with your money.

Speaking of Cost

Money, money, money. Everything comes down to cash value, eventually. The standard version of Flawless sells for around $20 and the rechargeable model runs for around $30 Like the original Flawless, the model tailored for eyebrows runs for around $20.

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I won’t beat around the bush this time. Yes, probably. For most people.

Okay maybe that is a little noncommittal, but again, this comes down to personal expectations versus reality. The Flawless is a quality hair remover for this price. It is simple to use and effective for what it was designed.


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Some might hope for more out of a personal shaver selling for less than twenty dollars, but I suspect those same people are often disappointed by such expectations.

There are long term solutions to hair removal available, but they cost a lot more and hurt in more than one way. Not only physical pain, but the discomfort of trudging off to a spa and being at the mercy of others is not a fun feeling for most. This adds to Flawless’s value both financially and emotionally.

But Don’t Just Take My Word For It …

Shh … we have secretly replaced these women’s normal hair removal product with the Flawless—

I’m kidding. Sorry to go all TV commercial cliche on you—but for real, here are some other unbiased voices from both video reviewers and online comments.

And now, let’s hear from another voice.

This guy put the Flawless hair remover to the test with a variety of different hair types and textures. Both men and women find the Flawless capable of doing basically what it claims to do on the packaging and advertisements.

The reviews pretty much match that vibe, so check out a few of those for added opinions.

But You Can’t Please Everyone

Maybe it is unrealistic expectations; Maybe it is the technique. Maybe a combination of both, but as with every product ever sold, there are reviews of customers dissatisfied with their purchase. Let’s read a few snippets of those.

From Amazon 1 Star Reviews …

  • “… When I went to put the battery in, it was impossible!!!!!”
  • “… Can’t even get the lid off.”
  • “… I use it on my chin and upper lip, but that was certainly not what I bought it for.”

I found these reviews more amusing that practical but for the record, I had no problem with the battery installation or removing the cap.

Again, the final assessment really is about product expectation. There are also poor reviews left on Amazon and elsewhere about the product working great until it stopped working, or stubble showing up sooner than they would have liked, or the product just not delivering for them, but overall Amazon has nearly 7000 positive reviews of the Flawless hair remover, to go along with the 1600 one star assessments.

The Amazon numbers are approaching 10,000 reviews with 56% Five Star Reviews and 18% One Star Reviews, so there is ample input there if you want to check out what others are saying.

Other retailers also have product reviews you can check out, and the overall trend is about the same with a Four out of Five Star rating on average. Is the Flawless a universal answer to unwanted facial hair the world over? No, but it is a solid product at a value price that works for the majority of customers.

Where Can I Buy The Flawless Hair Remover

  • Order direct from Finishing Touch
  • Target
  • Ulta
  • Walgreen’s
  • Walmart
  • CVS
  • Bed Bath and Beyond

The Flawless is found in many other retailers, both in store and online, so look for it wherever you shop for home grooming and beauty products.

But Is The Flawless The Best Hair Remover In All The Land

Let’s run down some of our options when it comes to the removal of unwanted facial hair.

Mirror, mirror, where are my tweezers? Let’s start here with the time-honored tweezer. Inexpensive, and great for precision work, but oh-so-tedious and painful. Sitting in front of the mirror trying to get just the right light so you can grab hold of that pesky sucker and yank it free roots and all. Flawless will not pluck the roots, but neither will it hurt or leave a hole from the eradicated follicles to collect oil and dirt.


Epilators can be bought that mechanically grab hairs. Some even tout lasting results due to the damage of the follicle from this activity. Tweezing can have the same result especially in the area of eyebrows. Think of epilators as industrialized tweezers. They speed up the process but do nothing to ease the pain.

Blades of Glory

Straight razors have come a long way with soothing gels and textured handles and safety guards of all kinds, but slicing the hairs away with a sharp blade can still leave you bloody and razor burned. Shaving is a quick and effective way to get rid of any unwanted hair.The Flawless is a razor of a sort, but the spinning blades under the gold plated head are far more gentle.

This reduces the risk of irritation but some skin types are more sensitive than others, and the Flawless eliminates bloodshed. Cost is comparable, as some straight razor shavers are pricey for what they are, and the cheaper ones have less of the precautionary bells and whistles to keep your skin safe and properly lubricated so you must figure in the cost of shaving creams or gels to the equation.

Rub It In

There are a lot of depilatories on the shelves, but these hair removal gels, creams, lotions, powders and sprays, all do the same thing. Break down the molecular structure of hair using chemicals. Different formulas produce varying results and times. The harsher the chemical makeup, the faster depilatories tend to work, but no matter which type you use the timeframe fall in the 10 to 20-minute category.

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Cost varies as well and is comparable to the Flawless price point. The reals con to depilatory hair removal products is the smell of the chemicals and the harshness of putting such on your delicate skin. The results last a while longer since they often dissolve hair slightly below the surface, but this fact also means that chemical is penetrating that deep.

Poetic Waxing

Roses are red, and violets are blue,
Coat my skin with some hot sticky glue.

So maybe waxing isn’t all that poetic. it is very effective for leaving you with silky smooth skin that will stay that way longer than any method we’ve discussed. It also hurts and often leaves your skin red and irritated. You can buy strip and go DIY for reachable areas without spending too much cash but to go the full professional route, you are talking about spending a good bit more money than you will on the Flawless.

Hassle of appointment times and having estheticians up close and personal is a deterrent for some.


Photo by from Pexels

Sugaring is much like waxing in that hairs are pulled from the follicle, roots and all. Sugaring is more gentle and therefore less painful. And depending on your skin type less effective. It does work, just not quite as well as waxing for most. Think of it as waxing light. Again, this can become pricey and intrusive.

Threading, Sew This Is The New Thing?

Threading has been around for a very long time, but its popularity has exploded in recent years, especially for the shaping of eyebrows. Threading is to facial hair removal what origami is to paper.

It is almost magical to watch these artists go to work on removing hair with a thread. It works well but at its root, (pun intended) threading is an epilatory technique, so the hairs are being plucked. Unlike tweezers, this is done faster, but more hairs are being plucked at once the pain level is comparable. The cost for a full facial threading would be at least double that of the purchase price of the Flawless hair remover.

Beam Me Up

Laser hair removal works and can lead to permanent hair removal. This option can take on average six or seven sessions to achieve a permanent reduction. Home versions are available, but these units are not nearly as effective.

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Electrolysis is the only method of hair removal backed by the U. S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a permanent solution. Similar to laser removal, this treatment will take multiple sessions usually done bi-weekly for two months or more before it is effective. Each session is slightly cheaper on average than laser, but chances are you will need more session to complete the procedure, so the costs of these two are about the same.

The Fairytale of Hair Removal

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there is not a Fairy Godmother that will swoop down to magically and permanently take care of every pesky hair you want rid of.

The most permanent solutions are costly and time-consuming. The middle tier of price and longevity all hurt an/or require appointments and an esthetician getting up close and personal. We all must make the right choice for us but for a low cost, fast and easy hair remover the Flawless has proven its worth, making it one of the fairest in the land.

The Final Word on the Flawless Hair Remover (As Seen on TV)

The cynic in me had plenty of doubts, but overall the Flawless hair remover does, you guessed it, remove hair.

Is the device a revolutionary beauty aid that radically alters the world of personal grooming. No.

Is the Flawless hair remover worth the money? 

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…as long as you make the purchase with reasonable expectations. The Flawless is designed to, temporarily remove hair on the face and areas that require light trimming. It will not take care of any hardcore shaving of thick, coarse hair. The one of two stragglers on the chin? Peach fuzz above the lip or on the jawline? The unibrow? Arms? Toes? Bikini lines?

Absolutely, the Flawless works for these uses and more.

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