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I love my house, but sometimes I think that a vampire must have designed it. Light fixtures are few and far between, in fact, none of our closets has a light bulb in it, making it near impossible to put together an outfit quickly. We talked to an electrician about doing some rewiring, but that was going to cost a fortune. I was reduced to using a flashlight every time I walked into my closet, when I saw an ad for Instabulb online.

How it Works

Instabulb is a battery operated lightbulb that you can mount on any wall in your house. Even better, the bulb, which stays cool to the touch, can be removed from the wall mount to act as a portable lantern in case of emergencies. You can turn the bulb on and off with the attached pull cord.

Pros and Cons

Instabulb is one of my favorite products and I recommend it to everyone. Still, it has both its good and bad points and you should know about both before you decide to make a purchase.


  • Battery powered so you don’t have to worry about power outages or electrocution risk.
  • No need to rewire your home or run a power cord out to your non-wired garage or shed. You can stick or place an Instabulb anywhere.
  • The bulb is shatterproof and cool to the touch, meaning that it’s safe for kids to handle.
  • The bulb detaches from its mounting, so you can use it as a lantern or flashlight.


  • I won’t lie. Instabulb are very utilitarian looking, so don’t expect them to enhance the appearance of your home. It is best to place Instabulbs in places where guests won’t really notice them: Basement staircases, utility rooms, sheds and closets.
  • The bulb runs on 4 AA batteries, so you’ll have to keep batteries on hand.

Where to Buy

I got my Instabulbs online from the official website and I’d recommend that you do the same. I got a money back guarantee and free bonus bulbs – all I had to do was cover the extra shipping and handling so it was a really good deal.

Final Recommendation

Even if you have plenty of good lighting in your home, I’d recommend getting a few Instabulbs just to be safe. They can make a world of difference if you lose power and need a safe light source in your home. If you don’t have good lighting where you live, Instabulbs are indispensable. Give them a try.

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