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icecreammagic-9136527My whole family loves ice cream, but I have to tell you, the prices for good quality ice cream, with natural ingredients, are high enough to break the bank! Plus, my older daughter prefers low fat ice cream, my husband has to watch his sugar intake, and everyone seems to like (or hate) different flavors!

I was sick of buying several different types of ice cream every time I went to the store. Some people suggested that I buy an electric ice cream maker, but they were so expensive and were hard to clean. Plus, you normally had to freeze the bowl for several days before using the machines. I just couldn’t justify spending the money on a large appliance that we might rarely use.

Then one day I was surfing online and found Ice Cream Magic, individual ice cream makers that required no electricity, no freezing and no complicated recipes!

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How it Works

Ice Cream Magic is a cute device that looks like an ice cream cone. There are two sections to the container: The base of the cone is where you the put ice, salt and water necessary to freeze your ice cream. Then, you insert a plastic cup into which you put cream or milk and your favorite flavorings. Shake the cone for three minutes and you’ll have fresh, custom-made ice cream! No need to run out to the store or pay outrageous prices for premium ice cream with organic ingredients!

The Ice Cream Magic also comes with a recipe book showing you a variety of different ice cream flavors you can make with this product. It’s really cool.

Here is a video demonstration showing you how it works (as you will see, it’s kid approved!):

Pros & Cons

Ice Cream Magic is one of the coolest gadgets I’ve come across. Still, like anything, it has its pros and cons. Here are few things to consider:


  • Electric ice cream makers can cost hundreds of dollars and require extensive preparation before use. Ice Cream Magic works with just a few ingredients and minimal time. No electricity or freezer needed.
  • Control portions with individual “cones.”
  • No complicated ice cream recipes required.
  • Customize your recipes to create sugar-free or low fat ingredients.
  • Experiment with making your own flavors.
  • Save money over store bought ice cream. Plus, you control what you put into homemade ice cream, no preservatives or additives!


  • You can’t make large quantities of ice cream with Ice Cream Magic. This is more for just single servings.
  • You need a separate cone for each guest at parties. An easy solution to this though is to make the ice cream, then transfer it to a small bowl for each guest so everyone still gets their own.

Where to Buy

I would definitely recommend getting your Ice Cream Magic from the official website. You’ll get a money back guarantee plus a whole bunch of bonuses. I got two Ice Cream Magics for the price of one, I just paid an extra shipping fee. Plus I got a free recipe book and even these really cute ice cream spoons. You may not get the guarantee or the bonuses if you buy elsewhere, so definitely go through the website.

Final Recommendation

If you and your family enjoy ice cream, Ice Cream Magic is an awesome device. They let you create the ice cream that you want to eat without a lot of mixing, freezing or special ingredients. Plus, you can customize the ice cream to accommodate any dietary limitation that you or a family member may have. Your kids will also have a great time making their own ice cream, all by themselves!

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