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hurricane-360-spin-mop-7442088I love my house and I love my family even more, but I have to admit that mopping floors is the pits. Not only is it always a two-step process, first I have to sweep and then I have to mop, but I then have to bend over the mop bucket, wringing out the mop. Plus, the mop never gets quite clean, and there is always the risk of just spreading a lot of grease and dirt around the floor, making my efforts futile.

Eventually, I became resigned to the fact that I’d have to be more conscientious about emptying out the dirty water and sweeping the floor before mopping. But then I saw a commercial for the Hurricane 360 Spin Mop, which effectively addressed all my concerns about mopping, so I decided to give it a try. I’ve been very happy with this mop so far and I’m glad I gave it a shot.

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How It Works

The Hurricane 360 Spin Mop is a microfiber mop that comes with a special bucket: While the bucket contains the mop water, as you might expect, it also includes a spinning basket that literally sucks dirt, hair and water from the mop, giving you a clean mop head for each use. All you do is dip the mop in the water, put the mop head into the spin basket, and give it a few quick pumps with your foot. This causes the mop head to spin around very quickly sucking all the water and nasty mess out of the mop.

The mop is special as well: It is made from a microfiber that really does a number on dirty floors. It gets dust, grease and hair off the floor, and you don’t even have to sweep before using it. Even better, the mop handle bends at the end so you don’t have get on your hands and knees to get under furniture or in tight corners.

One of my favorite things is that the mop head can be thrown in your washing machine when you’re done. This ensures you will have a clean mop for each use.

[notdevice]Here is a video that shows you the Hurricane Spin Mop in action as well as some testimonials from other users:


Pros and Cons

Hurricane 360 has its pros and cons, just like any product. Still, the pros definitely outweigh the cons.


  • Your hands never touch the mop water.
  • Mop heads are machine washable so you can keep them clean after each use.
  • No need to sweep before using the Hurricane 360. Just start mopping!
  • The mop bends so that it can reach under low furniture.
  • The microfibers grab dust, dirt and hair better than a sponge mop.
  • The spinning basket actually cleans the mop with each use, instead of just wringing out the dirty water.
  • No electricity needed. Use a foot petal to spin the basket.


  • The Hurricane 360 isn’t very large, so you’ll need to empty dirty water and replace with fresh water for each room that you mop. This isn’t a big deal to me though since I know I will be getting clean water for each room.

Where to Buy It

I got mine online from the official website, which was by far the best deal that I found. Not only did they throw in an extra mop head for a small up-charge (this is optional, you don’t have to get the extra mop head if you don’t want to), but I also got a free $15 gift card that can be used for any As Seen On TV products. Along with that, I was able to split the cost into two payments and got a 30 day money back guarantee. I’m not sure if the Hurricane Mop is sold in stores, but if it is, I’m guessing they don’t offer as good of a value.

Final Recommendation

If you have a floor, and who doesn’t, you need Hurricane 360 Spin Mop. Not only will it help you keep your floors clean, but it’ll protect your back and joints since you won’t be bending over all the time when you mop. This device is a huge time saver, and I recommend it to everyone. It’s got a money back guarantee, so why not give it a try and see what you think?

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