How Massage Can Aid in Workout Recovery – As Seen On TV Product Reviews

If you work your body hard during your exercise routines, whether you do yoga, kickboxing, martial arts, hiking, or running, there are several things that you can do to aid your recovery and prevent very sore muscles that would otherwise hold you back from working out just as hard tomorrow.

One of the best tools that you can use to boost your body’s ability to recover effectively and quickly after a tough workout is massage therapy. Continue reading to learn more about how the right type of massage can do wonders at relieving and preventing sore muscles so you can keep going strong.

Massage Actually Affects Genes That Heal

During a study, it was found that there are two genes, which are located within muscle cells, that are affected by massage. The first one helps decrease inflammation that is caused by workouts, so it helps provide the same type of relief that you would get from a pain medication. The other gene helps increase the production of mitochondria within muscles. Massage helps both of these genes do their job more effectively and efficiently to not only reduce pain but to also provide muscles with the energy they need on the cellular level to heal.

Maintaining Flexibility Throughout Your Body

A tough workout during which you use your muscles to do things like lift heavy weights can actually decrease your flexibility as a result of the muscle tension that occurs. Getting a massage after your workout will actually help undo these effects by stretching out the muscle fibres and promoting and maintaining flexibility. This prevents the development of scar tissue and adhesions, and it also ensures that balance is maintained between opposing muscle groups, as when one group becomes tight, an opposing group will likely tighten as well. Plus, having flexible muscles can also help prevent injuries during your workouts.

Good circulation is necessary for a speedy workout recovery because if your muscles are tight and they can’t get enough blood, the body is also unable to remove metabolites quickly enough, and your muscles won’t be getting the nutrients that they need to really repair and grow stronger and larger. Getting a massage will help boost and maintain proper circulation throughout the body, particularly to your muscles. And, as mentioned above, using massage to loosen your muscles and keep them flexible enough to remove any tension and tightness will also serve to boost the circulation of blood to them.

Choosing the Right Massage Therapist

When choosing a massage therapist, you definitely want to go with a professional who has experience in working with athletes, who knows what it takes to help speed workout recovery, and who uses the top quality equipment from companies like

Now that you know all of the benefits of massage for workout recovery, and you know what to look for in the right massage therapist, you can experience the results first hand and really see a difference in how you feel after a rigorous workout and the days following.

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