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hothuez-4941475I remember the 80s all too well, particularly the punk and new wave styles that involved shocking hair colors such as pink, blue and purple. But back then, you had only a few options for coloring your hair these daring shades: You could either get your hair colored with permanent or semi-permanent dyes at a salon, or you could use a colored hair spray.

Both options could be expensive, and the hair spray, while it billed itself as “temporary” never really did wash out like it was supposed to.

Nowadays, these fun hair colors are trendy again, and my oldest daughter wants her hair colored for every special occasion. But frankly, I don’t want her hair dyed with even a semi-permanent tint, and you can forget about using the spray stuff in my house! She and I were at odds over the issue when, one day, she showed me a website that sold Hot Huez, a truly temporary hair color that was easy to use and left no mess behind!

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How It Works

Hot Huez is hair chalk, conveniently stored in a hand-held applicator that looks like a compact. All you need to do to color your hair is open the compact and then close it over the section of hair you want colored. Run it over your hair until you get the color intensity that you want and that’s it. The best part is this stuff is easy to remove with regular shampoo so you don’t have to worry about it staying in your hair for days.

Here is the commercial which will give you a video demonstration on how to apply Hot Huez to your hair:


What Colors Do you Get?

Each order comes with the following colors:

  • Fiery Fuchsia
  • Hot Pink
  • Neon Green
  • Electric Blue

This allows you a good amount of options and combinations to style your hair.

Pros & Cons

Like anything, there are advantages and disadvantages to using Hot Huez, though I think that this particular product is totally worth a few slight inconveniences:


  • Hot Huez chalks color your hair instantly, yet you can wash the color out at any time. This is perfect for kids who like “fun colors” but go to school with strict dress codes that prohibit unnatural hair color.
  • Self contained in their own applicator. Never get your fingers dirty!
  • Designed so that you can apply the color exactly where you want it.
  • No aerosols or harsh chemicals to irritate your scalp.


  • Only comes in four colors. I really like the colors they have, but it would be nice if they did offer a few more.
  • Isn’t as quick to apply as a spray or all-over dye, as you can only color one section of hair at a time.

Where to Buy It

I’d definitely recommend buying Hot Huez online through the official website for the best value. Not only do you get a money back guarantee, but you get a bunch of free bonuses, including a carrying case and 6 beaded pony bands. These bands are great, by the way, and can be used as bracelets as well as a fashionable hair accessory.

Final Recommendation

Hot Huez is a fun, inexpensive way of adding color to your hair, or your children’s hair, without the mess of sprays or liquid hair dyes. Super easy to use and no mess to clean up. Give these colors a try!

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