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Regular manicures aren’t enough for me: I love to get cute nail designs that match the seasons and holidays. I’ll even get nail art that corresponds to my kids’ school colors!  The only thing I don’t like is paying the expensive prices for professional nail designs. I’ve tried some gadgets that promise pro-quality nail art,. While some of them work, they only offer a limited number of designs. I didn’t think I’d have an alternative until one of my daughter’s friends showed us the Hot Design Nail Art Pen. Unlike the various machines and stencils I had used, there was no limit to the designs I could create. They were so easy to use, I bought a set to use at home.

How the Nail Art Pen Works

The Hot Designs Nail Art Pen is a double sided pen with two shades of nail polish inside. To paint the entire nail, just unscrew the cap off one side and you have a traditional brush: Just paint your nails as you always would. Then just screw the top back on, pop the top and you have a fine tipped pen for creating nail art. Most of the designs can be made using just dots and dashes. So easy and no artistic ability is required!

No beauty product is perfect, of course. Here are some of the pros and cons to consider before making a purchase:


  • Unlike other DIY nail design products, there are no moving parts that can break. You also aren’t restricted to the designs provided by a set of stencils.
  • Each pen has two colors, making it easy to flip back and forth.
  • The pens do double duty: Paint the full nail using the attached brush, then pop the top for the fine tip nail art pen.
  • Create beautiful French-style manicures at home.
  • Save money on going to nail salons.
  • Touch-ups are easy with the pen.


  • These aren’t stencils so, at minimum, you’ll need a steady hand and the ability to either come up with your own designs or be able to follow suggestions in the bonus design guide.
  • It can be tricky to use the pens on both hands: You may need a friend to do the designs on your dominant hand.
  • It’s only available as one kit: You can’t replace just one pen at a time. Of course, you could get together with friends when you buy sets, each of you taking the colors that you prefer to work with.

Where to Buy the Nail Art Pen

Online is probably the best place to purchase the Hot Designs Nail Art Pen. First of all, they’ll send you 6 pens, 12 colors in all, for one low price. Then they’ll also throw in a carrying case plus a design guide to help get you started. Plus, they offer a 30 day money-back guarantee.

Final Word of the Nail Art Pen

These pens aren’t for everyone. But, if you have a steady hand and enjoy creating funky nail designs, I’d recommend trying these out.  They allow you to paint your nails while exploring your creativity as you create beautiful designs!

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