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I love the look of up-dos and hair buns: They work well in a variety of contexts and are great for the gym, but also look super-professional at work and very elegant when going out at night. But who has the time to create a bun? I certainly don’t, even though I have to create them for my daughters when they go off to ballet class.

I had basically come to the conclusion that beautiful up-dos would be a special occasion thing for me when another mom at my daughter’s ballet class told me about Hot Buns Hair Accessories. I noticed that both she and her daughter had gorgeous up-dos and that her daughter’s hair never came loose, even during some pretty fast dancing! I decided to order sets for me and my daughters and I love them!

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Hot Buns is a soft hair form that you roll your hair around. After bending the ends (creating the bun) you snap them in place and then use an attached band to hold the bun securely. You can create a bun on top of your head, in the middle of the back of your head or one that hits the nape of your neck. Thin hair? No problem, the smaller Hot Buns Hair Accessories will create a realistic looking bun while also giving you more bulk and body. Hot Buns is super soft and doesn’t require additional hair pins or other accessories, so they are very comfortable on your head.

Another really cool thing about the Hot Buns is if you want to go for more of that curly/wavy look but don’t have time to do your hair in the morning, all you need to do is sleep with your Hot Buns in and when you wake up, take them out and your hair will have some nice body to it. So not only do these things work for giving yourself buns, but you can do waves and curls as well which is great!

Pros and Cons

As with most things, there are pros and cons to Hot Buns Hair Accessories, though I still recommend the product because its positive aspects far outweigh the bad:


  • Hot Buns is all soft material, no hard pins, sticks, or combs to dig into your scalp or tear your hair.
  • Easy to do: If you can make a ponytail you can use Hot Buns.
  • Different sizes allow for different looks.
  • Hot Buns does double duty as a styling tool. Put your hair up in a Hot Bun and sleep in it overnight. Let your hair down the next day and you’ll find that it has incredible body.


  • Hot Buns is really only suited to one type of bun style.
  • You have to match the Hot Buns color to your own hair, so you may need multiple sets if you change your hair color a lot or the ladies in your family all have different hair colors. Luckily, if you purchase from their official website, you can double your order so you get 6 Hot Buns for the price of 3.

Where to Buy

I’d definitely recommend doing what I did and ordering through the Hot Buns official website. I was able to double my order for the cost of shipping and handling, so I received 6 sets for me and my girls at a really good price. They also give you a free style guide with every order.

Final Recommendation

If you enjoy mixing up your hairdo, or your children’s hairdos, Hot Buns are a must. You’ll get professional looking up-dos and glamorous styles without the hassle or expense of going into a salon. They also save a ton of time over doing a bun the traditional way. Since Hot Buns are super affordable, they are definitely worth buying.

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