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While I love my hardwood floors, I don’t like how cold my feet get. In fact, they can still feel uncomfortable even when I’m wearing socks or slippers. It gets worse when I am in the kitchen: The floor is linoleum and it gets really, really cold. Some winter nights, I had to wear my regular shoes around the house, which was totally uncomfortable, but was better than wearing my regular slippers and having freezing feet!

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One day though, I was surfing online and found a website for a totally new product: Hot Booties. They were booties that you could warm up in the microwave. They hold their heat for a long time, keeping their wearers’ feet warm and comfortable. I was intrigued, so I ordered a pair.

These slippers were amazing! I was first worried that they were filled with some weird gel that could “explode” inside the slippers and burn my feet. But I found out that they are actually filled with linseed – no chemicals, no hot liquids. After I heated them for the first time I tried them on – they were awesome. Even on a cold night, I could wear my slippers into the kitchen and my feet stayed snug.

How Hot Booties Work

The soles of the Hot Booties are filled will linseed, a natural grain. After the booties are heated in the microwave, the linseed retains the heat, keeping your feet warm while you wear the slippers. It’s really as simple as that! What I really like is that they come with a “bootie bag” which covers them in the microwave so you don’t get any dirt or dust in your microwave when you heat them up.

Pros and Cons

Ok, the Hot Booties aren’t absolutely perfect, but I do think they are definitely worth buying. The few cons I found are far outweighed by their good points.


  • There are no strange chemicals in these boots. Just all-natural linseed.
  • Unlike some microwaveable warming products, there is no risk of a hot gel leaking from the booties.
  • They just take 60 seconds to heat up in my microwave.
  • Hot Booties also work great on warmer days: I just don’t microwave them.
  • You won’t have to worry about the soles of your slippers tracking dust and dirt into your microwave, because every pair comes with a microwavable “bootie bag.” Just pop the slippers into the bag before warming.
  • Comes in four sizes: Small (sizes 6-8) and large (9-11) for women and small (10-11) and large (12-13) for men.


  • They only come in two colors: Pink for women, blue for men. I wish there was more of a choice.
  • Hot Booties only cover my feet. I wish they offered some ankle coverage for even more warmth.

Where to Buy

I bought mine through the official Hot Booties website and I recommend you do the same. I wanted to make sure that I could return them if I had a problem and the site offered a 60 day money back guarantee. I also saw that they were offering a cool bonus offer where if you buy one pair, you get another one free. This is perfect for if you want to get one for yourself and another for your spouse, kids, or as a gift.

Final Recommendation

If you like keeping your feet nice and warm (and who doesn’t), Hot Booties do a great job. They are super comfortable and really do a great job of staying warm and keeping your feet comfortable no matter what the weather and even when you are walking on hardwood or linoleum floors. I really enjoy my pair and I know you will too!

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