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gripgo4-1154768In this day and age, almost everyone has a smartphone or tablet that they carry around with them, and I’m no different. Being a busy mom with a job, sometimes I find that the only time I’m able to make phone calls is while I’m in the car. Now I know driving and talking on the phone isn’t the safest thing to do, so I started researching different phone mounts so that I could keep both my hands on the wheel but still be able to take calls.

While there’s a lot of different mounts out there, many of them were either expensive, or if they were cheap, they had negative reviews. I happened to be watching TV one night and saw an infomercial for the GripGo Hands Free Phone Mount. It looked like the perfect solution and was priced very affordably as well. I decided to order one and try it out, and I am happy to say that it works as advertised! No more fumbling around with my phone or losing it under the seat. The GripGo also works for tablets like the iPad too.

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The GripGo is a very simple device. It’s an adjustable phone mount that you can place on either your windshield or your dashboard. There’s a suction cup that holds the mount in place, and you just attach your phone to the other end. It grips your phone very securely so that it doesn’t fall off. To give you an idea, the part that holds your phone is basically made of a bunch of mini suction cups. You know how strong just 1 suction cup is, so imagine a ton of little ones all gripping your phone or tablet at once. It’s definitely not going anywhere. You also don’t have to worry about taking the case off your phone. The GripGo will still hold it just as securely with or without a phone case on.

Since the GripGo is adjustable, you can move the arm in all different directions to give you the best view, and you can even rotate it horizontally to read maps better. Speaking of maps, that is another really cool feature about this product. Even if you don’t talk on the phone in the car a lot, you can mount your device and look at maps and directions while you’re traveling. This allows you to keep your eyes on the road and still get where you’re going without getting lost.

Like I mentioned earlier, this product also works for tablets like the iPad, Nook, Kindle, Galaxy, and so on. Now you can turn on movies or TV shows for your kids and passengers right on your tablet and have it mounted for everyone to be able to watch.

About the Dashboard Mount

A few people have pointed out that most of the GripGo reviews out there fail to mention the dashboard mount and how it works, so I did a little research and they are absolutely correct. I couldn’t really find anything that highlighted the dashboard mount in detail, so I wanted to add this section to show you all just how the dashboard mount works. It’s really simple actually – basically it works in a similar way as the windshield mount does, except you just attach a little rubber adapter to your dash to allow the GripGo to properly stick to it. All you do is clean your dash off so that there’s no dust or residue, attach the rubber adapter, then stick the GripGo onto the adapter like you would your windshield and you’re good to go.

Here is a picture showing the adapter to give you an idea what it looks like:


Pros and Cons of the GripGo

Every product has it’s advantages and disadvantages, and this one is no different. However, the pros far outweigh the couple negative aspects I found.


  • Allows you to take phone calls while also keeping your eyes on the road and both hands on the wheel.
  • Prevents you from losing your phone under the seat or in crevices.
  • Can keep your protective case on your phone and still get a secure hold.
  • Works for tablets as well as phones.
  • Adjustable arm allows each driver to adjust the mount for their own height and comfort.
  • Can be used to look at maps and directions while you’re traveling.
  • Suction cup doesn’t leave any residue or cause any damage to the windshield/dashboard.


  • Apparently if you purchase the GripGo anywhere except the official website, it doesn’t come with the dashboard mount so you will only be able to put it on your windshield. This is easily solved though by buying through the official website (it’s also the best price anyway, so you might as well get it there).
  • It would be cool if it came in different colors, although the black/green combo does still look good.

Where to Purchase the GripGo?

I would definitely recommend buying the GripGo Hands Free Phone Mount through the official website. Not only is it the best price I have seen, but they also throw in the free dashboard mount and give you the option of doubling your order for just an extra shipping cost. They also give you a lifetime guarantee just in case it breaks or you’re unhappy for any reason.

The Final Word

I have been very happy with my GripGo cell phone mount. It truly makes talking on the phone while driving a lot safer and easier. Plus the fact that I can use it for maps and directions is just another added benefit. If you find yourself talking on the phone a lot in the car, I would highly recommend you purchase the GripGo. It’s very inexpensive so it can be afforded on almost any budget.

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