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With summer in full swing, there is a particularly satisfying feeling in stepping outside and being surrounded by a thick, green blanket. There’s nothing more important for a lawn, yard or garden than to be covered in lush grass that makes the place look alive, rather than a barren piece of sun-cracked land. While in recent years grass has gained a series of detractor who find it boring and seem to prefer more exotic ways of greenifying their yard, it is this reviewer’s opinion that nothing beats the classic, Americana look of a perfectly manicured front lawn. The QuickLawn product is the perfect way to obtain these results.

There are several ways of getting to that result, including placing ready-made, rolled-in grass patches. While increasingly popular, I am just not very comfortable with a lawn that you need to install like it’s your living room floor. And, if you are like me and prefer to see your plants grow from the beginning to the end, with the process of producing the lawn offering you as much satisfaction as the final result, you should consider buying grass seeds. This is my personal QuickLawn Grass Seed review and I honestly say I was pleased with it.

How the QuickLawn Grass Seed works

QuickLawn Grass Seeds will spruce up your lawn in no time!

Of all the changes I have done to my lawn over the years, this was, at the same time, the most radical and the easiest one to do. After an unsatisfactory experimentation with a perennial mix late last year, my lawn remained mostly empty throughout the winter. Around mid-spring, I scraped all of the top soil, so as to remove the remaining bits of last year’s roots, which might have sprouted up unevenly later on. After that, over the course of a balmy afternoon, I did my best to evenly spread around the QuickLawn seeds over my lawn, which is not the easiest task in the world, but nor is it a back-breaking labor by any means.

After this, I spend the next week and a half watering the plot. While this might not be necessary in all cases, it was a rather dry period and I didn’t want to take any chances. In about a week, the results were already visible and after another one the word “lawn” could safely be thrown around regarding the formerly barren plot of land. Almost two months later, it still looks great, with some traces of wear and tear visible, most likely as a result of unusual hot temperatures.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the QuickLawn Grass Seed


  • Simply put, it just works. Planting the seeds correctly, which translates as making sure that they were evenly spread around the lot, will quickly result in a rich and uniform carpet of grass.
  • It required little to no extra work. While the land underneath was fertilized not too long ago, I didn’t fertilize it again for this occasion, nor did I use any other substances, such as pesticides or lye. The grass that grew from the seeds proved sturdy enough to survive on its own.
  • Another great advantage of using grass seed to grown your own lawn, as opposed to pre-made patches, is that it has functions that go well beyond the aesthetic ones. The grass will grow long and healthy roots that will help keep the soil in place, making sure that you won’t have the dirt underneath scattered with every rain that swipes by.
  • It’s, well, dirt cheap. For fewer than 20 bucks for 500 square feet, it’s a really good deal. There are very few things you can do in your garden for that kind of money and none of them will have such a great impact.


  • The grass seems to last less than one might expect. This might relate to the fact that the lot I planted was directly under the sun in a climate that can get scorching. It’s supposed to remain green all 4 seasons (or, a grass that stays green all year). Other QuickLawn reviews mentioned issues in hot weather. So, I am looking forward to checking out how it performs after the hot season passes in the fall.

Where to Get the QuickLawn Grass Seed

You can pick up the QuickLawn Grass Seed directly from the official website for a measly $19.95 per bag, which should cover around 500 square feet. They often have special offers that will get you a second free bag or other such freebies, so make sure to check often.

Final Recommendation

The most important thing is to take great care when your plant the seeds. It took me a while to figure out how to uniformly spread them on the ground and, as a result, the corner of my lawn in which I started has grown slightly uneven, with patches that are fuller and patches that are more barren. I am mentioning this as I haven’t seen it mentioned in any of the QuickLawn Grass Seed review I read. While this is a small inconvenience, particularly since I started from the end of the yard that is the least visible, it is worth it, if you lack the patience or steady hand to do it manually, to invest in a seed dispenser that will turn spreading the seeds into an exact science.

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