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Every year I make a New Year’s resolution to get into shape, only to fall flat on my face by February. One year it was the expensive gym membership that I could never use because I just don’t have the time.

The next year I bought a bunch of fancy in-home fitness equipment that we had to take down when we found out that we were expecting a new baby and needed the room. Other attempts at working out at home also failed when I tried ineffective, boring workouts that just didn’t do anything.

But then something interesting happened. My husband was talking to a friend at work and his friend told him about RushFit. His friend is a MMA (mixed martial arts) freak and was totally excited about this program. My husband decided to try it out for himself and ordered the DVDs. I heard that women could do the workout too, so I decided to join him. While the workout definitely kicked our rears, we loved that we didn’t need a lot of equipment and that we could to it together for encouragement. Plus, we both lost weight and got into the best shape that we’ve been in for a very long time.

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How It Works

MMA fighters need to keep in peak shape, so the RushFit workout was designed to help Georges St-Pierre, and anyone who wants to get fit, burn fat, boost metabolism and build muscle. It incorporates a lot of different “MMA type” movements and keeps the intensity at a good level throughout the entire workout. Each workout is 45 minutes long, so while it’s challenging enough, it’s not something that will take up way too much of your time. By working muscle groups in intense intervals, you’ll give yourself a full-body workout and really whip yourself into shape.  Plus, you can continue to burn calories even after the workout: That’s right, you’ll get your heart rate up so that even after you work out, your body will burn calories at a higher rate than before. Stick with the program for eight weeks, and be surprised at how you look and feel at the end of them!

Unlike many programs, RushFit doesn’t depend on a lot of equipment (only a set of dumbbells). Instead, you’ll use your own body weight as you gradually increase workout intensity.

Here is a video showing more details and what you get with the program:

Who Does it Work For?

This workout was designed for an MMA fighter, but you certainly don’t need to be. Women, men and even older people can see success with this workout. It’s not something that is too advanced for any particular person. I’m not giving away my age, but I can say that while the program has been a challenge, as it should be, I feel great after each session!

What’s Included

You get six DVDs that contain seven workouts, along with a collector’s case so you can keep all the DVDs safe and unscratched. You also get a nutrition guide, workout guide and training calendars. All you’ll need to get started is a set of dumbbells, easily purchased at sporting goods and department stores, along with an exercise mat, if that keeps you more comfortable.

Pros and Cons

Like any exercise program, RushFit has its pros and cons. I really like the program, though, and would encourage you to really consider its advantages:


  • You can work out in your own home. No need to go to the gym.
  • You won’t need a lot of expensive, bulky equipment to work the RushFit program.
  • Workouts are only 45 minutes in length.
  • You get a complete program that includes a nutrition and dietary guide.
  • Designed by Erik Owings, personal trainer of MMA fighter Georges St-Pierre
  • Significantly less expensive than many other metabolic conditioning programs on the market, while offering fast results.
  • The plan has a lot of variety, mixing it up with five minute intervals. You won’t get bored with this program.


  • You’ll need to buy hand weights for the program, though they don’t have to be heavy.
  • You’ll have to devote 45 minutes a day to this workout.

Where to Buy

I really recommend buying RushFit from the official website. You get a 60 day money back guarantee and can take advantage of all kinds of special bonuses and discounts. Plus, the site lets you watch videos of the system in action and you can even complete a free assessment so that you’ll have a better understanding of your fitness needs and goals. You can also sign up for a payment plan, reducing the amount of money you have to pay up front for the program.

Final Recommendation

If you need to get into shape and can’t go to the gym or afford home exercise equipment, give RushFit a try. It’s a great way to get into shape with minimal fuss and bother. My husband and I have really been enjoying the program and have seen some really good results. And since they offer a money back guarantee, you really have nothing to lose here in giving it a shot.

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