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Let’s be honest.  Playing the same game repeatedly can become a drag unless it is one we are addicted to.  We want challenges, change, adventure, and fun from our game decks and PC, not boredom.

GameFly can help you break free from being stuck with limited titles forever, but will it really save you money?  

Do they really have the games you want?  How does it work?

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How does GameFly Work?

The best way to look at GameFly is to compare it to one of America’s favorite services, NetFlix.  GameFly offers you an option to subscribe to their service to get one or two games at a time.  The games are mailed to you through the US Postal service from one of their five regional warehouses.  

In most cases you will receive your games within 2 to 4 days. You can keep the games for an unlimited amount of time and then send it back to GameFly.  As soon as they receive the game back they immediately ship out your next game title.

Once you join GameFly you create a GameQ which is your list of games you want to play.  If you chose a membership level for two games at a time they ship out the first two available games on your list.  (Yes, that does mean sometimes it will not be the first game on your list, if it is temporarily out of stock.)  

GameFly includes two return envelopes so you can ship back one title at a time so you are never without a game to play.    The return envelopes are 100% prepaid, so your only challenge is getting them into the postal pickup box.

The entire process is very easy.  When you setup your GameQ, make sure you select at least 6 or more titles.  You want to always keep a variety of titles in your request queue so they can promptly ship out your next game.

A word of caution when choosing your subscription plan:  It may be tempting to go with the cheaper 1 game at a time option, but it reduces the value of the GameFly service dramatically.  You will most likely be frustrated when you wait nearly a week before receiving your next game.  

It takes several days for the game you return to arrive in their offices and then several days before you receive your next one.  The two game option is ideal, since you can always keep one game in your home for play.

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Does GameFly Really Have the Games You Want?

GameFly carries over 8,000 game titles in their inventory.  This includes the hottest new titles, all of the great classics we want, and some titles we have probably never heard of.  What makes GameFly really powerful for avid game players is the fact they add hot new titles instantly when they are released.  

You can add them to your GameQ before they are released by the publisher and be one of the first people to play the game.  What makes this even better is you are able to play the game and decide if it’s a real “keeper” before you buy the game, instead of getting stuck with one of “those games” which just rots on the shelf because you hate it.

Since we just mentioned “keepers”, this brings up another important feature of the GameFly service.  When you discover one of the games you cannot live without you can choose to “Keep” it.  

GameFly allows you to buy the game  you rented, usually at a great discount over buying it in a retail store.  Think about that for a moment – you get to try out the game and find out if you love it and then buy it at a big discount.  It does not get much better than that.

Gamers Save Money with GameFly

How many new games do you buy in an average month?  People who love playing games rarely go through a month without adding a title to their library of games.  Imagine having your own personal library of 8,000 games almost at your fingertips.  For less than the cost of one new game you have access to dozens of new titles every month.  

You can try out games you were curious about but would have never spent $30, $40, or $50 to buy.  Those occasional disasters of buying games that you don’t enjoy can be put behind you.  You will be able to play every game before you choose whether you want it permanently or not.

There are too many games we invest in which we play for a few weeks and then the fun is over.  We have mastered the game and the challenge is over.  That investment now feels like wasted money.  With GameFly, you just drop it back in the envelope and get another great title to challenge your game playing skills.

Over the Top Service and Support

This is one area where GameFly stands out above their competitors.  It is in their customer service and player support.  The customer service department helps you sort out problems with shipping, billing, and any other issues fast and easily.

One of the best parts of the service from GameFly is in their player support.  You get reviews of games, hints, tips, cheats, walk-through’s and guides to help you master tricky games and leap ahead of your competitors.  

You just saved even more money and time.  You do not need to invest in guides, magazines, and other materials to help you master a game.  It is all part of your GameFly subscription.  Now that is cool.


Supported Platforms for Games

GameFly offers games for every popular gaming platform on the market including the following:

  • PS3
  • PS Vita
  • XBox 360
  • Nintendo Wii
  • Nintendo 3DS
  • Nintendo DS
  • PlayStation 2
  • PSP Games and Movies
  • XBox
  • GameCube
  • GameBoy Advance
  • PC Games
  • Mac Games

Take special note of those last two in our list.  Along with your GameFly subscription, you get unlimited PC and Mac Play of games.  GameFly has an extensive list of games you can download and start playing RIGHT NOW!

You do not have to wait for your first game to arrive in the mail.  You do not have to be bored while you ship a game back to GameFly.  You can just keep playing on your PC.  This is exactly what hardcore game players want.

Experience the Reality of GameFly Before You Buy

As you can probably tell, we are excited about all the features of GameFly, but do not take our word for it.  The best way to really understand how much fun you can have is to try it out for free.  

You can get a 30 day free trial of the GameFly service which will let you experience how awesome the service is, how fast shipping is, try out their game guides, and even start using the unlimited PC play right away.

If you are sick and tired of the same old games, or frustrated with buying another “loser title”, you need to experience GameFly.  You can have the most exciting hot titles in the gaming world in your home for a fraction of the cost of what you spend on games now.

Use this link here to claim your free 14 day trial of GameFly. After clicking, enter coupon code “Game” to unlock the trial.

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