Furniture Feet Review 2021 – As Seen On TV Product Reviews

Rearranging the furniture in your home can help breathe new life into any room. You may be surprised at how different your living room or den may look after simply moving your sofa from one area to another. Let’s dive into this furniture feet review.

This task is a great way to give your rooms a fresh, new look without spending any extra money. But there are some downfalls to moving around heavy furniture that most homeowners would love to avoid.

If you have hardwood flooring and have ever tried to move around that heavy recliner or TV stand, it is likely that you accidentally scratched your beautiful, expensive floor. It’s very easy to scuff and scratch your floor while moving large objects around and unfortunately those scratches are often difficult to remove. 

You could end up paying out more than you bargained for to repair your floors simply by attempting to rearrange your furniture. Unless you have a product like Furniture Feet Stretchable Furniture Slider Pads.

All About Furniture Feet and How They Work 

Furniture Feet are easy-to-install, furniture sliders that slip on instantly to eliminate noise, prevent scuffs and scratching, and make your heavy furniture easier to slide. These stretchable, clear sleeves may be placed on any type of furniture leg to help protect your flooring. Available in large and small sizes, the furniture sliders stretch to fit any size table or chair leg.


  • Easy to install 
  • Transparent design matches any decor
  • Cushion distributes weight to stop wobbles
  • Woven fiber pad lasts up to 5x longer than standard felt pads
  • 30 day money back guarantee


  • A customer review stated that it works great but the pointed edges can be improved 
  • Not recommended for outdoor use
  • Best for stationary items such as a TV stand or large table where skidding is less likely to occur

Along with helping to protect your flooring, Furniture Feet also make it easier to move large pieces of furniture around. The woven fiber pads on the bottom of each slider help even the heaviest table or chair glide across your floor. These extra-strong pads are designed to last as much as five times longer than standard felt pads.

Another great advantage to Furniture Feet is that you can leave them on all the time without disrupting the style and beauty of your furniture. The transparent design of these sliders matches any type of décor. And the extra cushion on the bottom helps to distribute weight evenly, so you can finally fix that wobbly table or cabinet.

Furniture Feet Stretchable Furniture Slider Pads are an affordable option for those who like to change the look and feel of their space every now and then. They are available in packs of 16 sliders and may be purchased in Black or Transparent styles.

What Makes Furniture Feet a Unique Product?

Sliders and other similar products that help your safely and easily move furniture are nothing new. Pads, rollers, sliders, glides and leg caps have been around in various sizes and shapes for many years. These products are not expensive, and they are usually available in value packs of 16 to 32 or more. So, what makes Furniture Feet any different from the furniture sliders already available to you?

When you purchase the correct size, Furniture Feet works generally the same as advertised. They have an attractive design that allows you to leave them on your furniture so that you can move anything with ease at any time. Plus, they are easy to install and use.

It doesn’t matter what shape your furniture legs are, whether they are square, circular, rectangular, fat, or skinny, the flexible boot may be slipped on easily in seconds.

You can purchase them in Transparent style so that you don’t have to sacrifice your stylish home décor while adding Furniture Feet to your tables and chairs.

These small gliders work like boots for your furniture, helping to protect both your antique furnishings and your hardwood or tile flooring. They are made from durable poly-vinyl, cotton, and wool materials to ensure that they will last for a long time. These sliders can even help eliminate the annoying squeaking noise from your chairs or tables when they are moved.

These furniture boots make it easier to slide any size furniture, no matter how large or heavy the item may be. According to the product’s commercial, Furniture Feet can help you easily move a chair with 160 lbs. of cement stacked on top, and there’s no damage to the flooring underneath.

The ad even displays a chair with twice the amount of heavy cement and it still glides across the floor with minimal effort. If moving furniture is a hassle for you, or if you know someone who could benefit from these helpful products, you should consider trying out a pack of Furniture Feet.

Furniture Feet only take a few seconds to install, and you are ready to enjoy moving your furniture around the room with ease. The sleeve is flexible enough to fit on any type of leg shape so that you don’t have to worry about searching around for a furniture slider that is the precise fit.

This product can provide protection to your furniture and prevent damage such as bumps from a vacuum cleaner. There are no nails or adhesives to worry about. And the feet offer the added advantage for distributing weight evenly. Therefore, if you have a table or chair that wobbles, Furniture Feet can eliminate that problem.

What is Poly-Vinyl Material?

Furniture Feet are made from durable wool, cotton, and poly-vinyl materials. Also known as PVC, poly-vinyl is a popular synthetic plastic polymer. It can be manufactured to be more flexible by adding in plasticizers.

Poly-Vinyl material is the third most widely used synthetic plastic polymer after polyethylene and polypropylene. You will find PVC in various applications throughout your home such as plumbing, electrical cable insulation, inflatable products, and imitation leather just to name a few. While it may seem like an innovative new material, PVC is very common and has been around for many years.

Pricing Information 

The price for Furniture Feet Stretchable Furniture Sliders may vary slightly from one retailer to the next. You may purchase them from their official website and receive a set of 8 small sliders and 8 large sliders plus shipping.

When you purchase from their website, you can add on a second set for free, and you just pay the additional shipping charges. There is also a web service fee added to your total.

This brings the total cost of buying Furniture Feet from the official site to a couple of dollars for two sets. All slider sets include a 30-day money back guarantee, however you will not receive a refund for shipping costs.

If you want to save more on your purchase, you can look for Furniture Feet at your local retailer. They should be available at any store that sells As Seen on TV items such as Walmart, Walgreens, or the Dollar General. When you purchase the product in stores, you only pay per pack and avoid the additional shipping charge. You can also find Furniture Feet products online sold by various retailers such as Amazon.

How Furniture Feet Compares to Similar Products 

There are multiple products out there that can provide protection to your furniture and your flooring the same as Furniture Feet. These products have been available for several years now and is available at virtually any retail or hardware store.

They are often marketed as cups, caps, glides, feet, or boots. You can furniture gliders of any quality, in various colors, styles and different price ranges.

Homeowners prefer Furniture Feet Stretchable Furniture Slider over other brands because of how flexible they are. Many furniture pads comes in various sizes to ensure that you get an exact fit. But Furniture Feet are stretchable, and available in Large or Small sizes to fit virtually any type of table or chair leg.

You don’t have to do any type of measuring or search all over town to find the right size furniture pads when you choose to buy this versatile product.

Some furniture feet and pads can be difficult to install. They may require additional hardware or adhesive to guarantee that they stay in place. With Furniture Feet, there are no extra tools or accessories needed. You simply slide the poly-vinyl covering over the bottom of your furniture’s leg and Furniture Feet will fit perfectly.

Many furniture gliders only help you avoid leaving behind scratches and scuffs on your flooring. With Furniture Feet, you have the added advantage of leveling up your wobbly tables and chairs. These products help to distribute weight evenly and can also eliminate the squeaky noises from your kitchen chairs.

Are Furniture Feet the Same as Floorzies?

It turns out that Furniture Feet were once sold using another name, known as Floorzies. They were from a different company named Lenfest Media Group. The products are exactly the same and were just marketed using a different name. So, if you have used Floorzies in the past and were wondering if Furniture Feet were similar, they are actually the same product.

What We Think 

Overall, we think that Furniture Feet are a worthwhile product that work well for the price. While we don’t necessarily have a shortage of similar items available to us, offered within the same price range, there are several great features that make Furniture Feet stand out above the rest.

The product is by Ontel, which is a manufacturer of various As Seen on TV products. The company holds an A- rating with the BBB and they have received multiple positive reviews over the years.

We like the fact that you get more than what you paid for when you decide to buy Furniture Feet. These gliders can do more than just help you move around your furnishings. They can also protect your furniture and flooring from scratches and scuffs and make the item more stable and evenly balanced.

We like that these products lasts for several years without wear and tear or need for replacement. While furniture pads may be readily available at an affordable price, they will often wear down after a year or so of use. Therefore, Furniture Feet can be a worthwhile investment.

What Customers Dislike

Overall most people likes how well Furniture Feet perform in comparison to other similar products. However, there are some disadvantages to the product that seem to appear in multiple complaints.

While Furniture Feet will prevent furniture from skidding your floors, if you place them on an armchair, and the person sitting in the chair moves around a lot, the chair may get pushed forward, leaving streaks on the floor. Most people suggest that Furniture Feet are only used on stationary items such as a TV stand or large table where skidding is less likely to occur.

The product is not recommended for outdoor use. They are not designed for extreme heat, cold or wet areas. Doing so will cause them to crack or split open. Some users have reported that the feet do not last as long as specified, although they did work well before they became damaged. However, this could be due to misuse of the product.

Also, if you are ordering from an online retailer, be sure you are buying from a legitimate seller. There are many knock-offs out there that may look the same as Furniture Feet but are of lesser quality. Even if you purchase the product in a store, be sure to look for the As Seen on TV logo on the box before buying.

Coupons and Deals 

Most retail locations sell Furniture Feet for around a couple of bucks per package. They are also available on the company’s official website for the same price. If you are looking for a deal and don’t mind paying for shipping and handling, the Furniture Feet website has a great discount offer. When you order one pack of 8 Furniture Feet, you get a second pack free, you only have to pay the additional shipping and handling charge.

Furniture Feet are excellent, easy-to-use products that can help you protect your expensive hardwood flooring or antique home furnishings. They make moving heavy pieces of furniture easy for anyone, and they can instantly fix a wobbly chair by distributing weight evenly. While there are many similar products available in stores, they will not always provide you with the abundance of features that you can receive from a package of Furniture Feet.

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