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The razor blade industry is split into two sides: those that offer great quality razors at inflated prices because they know people will buy them, and those that offer razors at a fraction of the cost and claim to retain the same quality as the competition. We’ve all seen the commercials where some famous or funny spokesperson breaks through the fourth wall and all but calls us fools for buying anything but their razor. Well, I don’t like to be called a fool. So the latest commericial for the MicroTouch Razor lured me in. I had to see if this $20 razor could really replace my Gillette 3 blade razor.

I ordered my MicroTouch Toughblade package and it arrived in about 4 weeks. Upon opening my package complete with twelve 3 blade razor replacements and a MicroTouch Trimmer for precise grooming I was ready to give it a shot. I’ve been waiting to write this MicroTouch Toughblade review until I was about 3 replacement blades deep so that I could give an accurate assessment of the quality and longevity of the Micro Touch. Here’s what I discovered: this is not the best 3 blade razor on the market.

How the MicroTouch Works

The Micro Touch Toughblade works like any normal razor, but they boast that theirs will last longer than more expensive 3 and 5 blade razors. The razor is made in Germany and is engineered from stainless steel blades that have a microthin non-stick surface designed for a close and smooth shave. And by ordering through the MicroTouch website you can also get the MicroTouch Trimmer to go along with 12 replacement blades. This means you can get a clean shave and a precision trim all in one package.

  • The Micro Touch 3 blade razor is easily one of the best priced razors on the market. Compare the MicroTouch with other 3 blade or 5 blade options and you see why people would give this product a chance.
  • When using a fresh blade with your MicroTouch the shave is as good as any other quality razor I’ve tried. This includes 5 blade razors. For me, when it comes to a 3 blade razor vs 5 blade I don’t notice enough of a difference to go for the 5 blades anyway. Plus I think the extra 2 blades causes an increased irritation to my skin. So using a fresh MicroTouch blade is nearly as good as any other razor you can buy.  
  • The blades on the Microtouch get clogged up with hair easily. The spacing in between the blades is not big enough to allow the cut hairs to pass through easily.
  • I said earlier that a fresh MicroTouch razor is as good as any other razor on the market, and I stand by that statement. But here is the problem. I didn’t find that my blades stayed sharp for very long. After about a week I began to tell they were getting a little dull and by two weeks I was nursing a few nicks. I found that my Gillette lasted nearly as long as my Microtouch, and when my Gillette would get a little dull it didn’t irritate my skin as bad as the Toughblade.

The best place to buy the MicroTouch ToughBlade Razor is by purchasing it through their website. There you can get a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee (less shipping & handling) as well as a complimentary razor stand and MicroTouch Trimmer, and all for $19.99. Your order also comes with 12 refill cartridges.

If you’re not interested in the stand or the trimmer the MicroTouch is also being sold on Amazon for $19.16. This gets you the just the razor and 12 refill cartridges.

The Verdict

I loved the cost of this product, but my complaints are right in line with those that I’ve seen on other Micro Touch 3 blade razor reviews. The blades clog up and they don’t stay sharp for as long as they claim. I’ve seen some people complain about the poor quality of the MicroTouch handle but I found that mine seemed like it was a decently made product. And the Trimmer that was included in my order worked fine. Overall this is not a bad razor; when using a fresh blade, it worked like a charm. But at about 2 weeks, the dull blades became irritating. If I didn’t need to shave on an almost daily basis I think that this would be a razor that I would definitely use and keep. For anyone like myself who needs a tough razor for everyday use, look to more expensive and higher quality blades. This isn’t a bad product by any means. But, it isn’t really for me either. I felt a bit disappointed here. But, perhaps it will work for you.

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