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I love decorating for Christmas. The inside of my house becomes a big light show. Not only the tree but the banisters and mantles also get the light show treatment. But the one area that gets ignored is the outside of my home. I don’t like heights and I don’t trust myself on a ladder. That’s why when I saw the Star Shower As Seen On Tv commercial (see below) I was intrigued. This looked like the perfect solution to my problem. So I decided to order one and see how it worked for myself. I thought that the price for the Star Shower was set a little high. But, if it works as advertised, I figured that it would be worth it.

My Star Shower light arrived promptly, only two weeks after placing my order. And once I used it for the first time I was happy with my purchase. I have it in my kids room for now (which she loves) but in the next couple of weeks I plan on setting up the laser Christmas lights in my backyard to accent my home for the holidays. I read some of the Star Shower Lights reviews online that said the Laser Light projector isn’t powerful enough to illuminate their home like it does in the commercial. I live in a city row home and I do agree that if I tried to light the front of my home it wouldn’t be as bright because of the street lights. But the back of my home is not quite as lit up and when I tried it out it seemed to work fine. My home is also really narrow so the projector was able to focus on my home and the lights were nice and bright. For me the Star Shower is a fine purchase.

How the Star Shower Works

The Star Shower uses a holographic laser to project an image onto any surface. Use the Laser Light show for any occasion, indoors or outside. The colors are red and green making it perfect for Christmas decorating but it is adequate for other holidays or parties. If used indoors just place the projector up on a shelf on on the ground. Just be sure to keep it out of anyone’s eyeline. If using it outdoors your order will come with a stake that you can mount the Star Shower on and place anywhere in your yard.

  • Illuminate your home without dealing with the normal hassles of hanging traditional lights.
  • Use indoors or outdoors.
  • The Laser Light Show Projector is small and discreet.
  • The Star Shower Laser can cover over 600 square feet and reach up to 100 yards away.
  • The projector is weather resistant.
  • The Star Shower can be returned within 60 days money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied (less shipping & handling).
  • The price. I would’ve felt more comfortable if the price were in the $20 range.
  • It doesn’t come with a base. This would be helpful for indoor use.
  • The Star Shower lights don’t have as great an effect if there is a lot of surrounding ambient light. It also may not be as bright if you are trying to cover a wide area. Two lights may be needed.

The Star Shower can only be ordered on their website. You can choose one of two offers. The first offer is a single Laser Light for $39.99, plus $9.99 shipping & handling. The second offer is for a set of six Star Shower Laser Lights for $199.98 with free shipping & handling.

Final Recommendation

Other than the cost I really have zero complaints about my Star Shower purchase. My kid loves how it  makes her room look at night, and I’m going to love having the outside of my home illuminated without having to deal with hanging lights. If you are trying to light up a large area I do think that you may need to purchase more than one Star Shower to get the best coverage and brightness. If you are located in a rural area you shouldn’t have to worry about outside light sources detracting from your laser light show. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a quick and easy way to decorate the outside of their home for the holidays!

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