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fabriclear-5968178Last week my best friend got back into town after a vacation, and she wasn’t happy. Turned out her hotel bed had bedbugs, and she was covered from head to toe with bites! She was really upset, not just because of the bites, but because she had spent a lot of money on the hotel room and ended up bitten anyway.

After talking to her, I got online and did some research. I found out that bedbugs aren’t just a problem in hotels, but that they can get into homes and apartments too.  I started to fret, but then I found an ad for FabriClear. Here was an all natural spray that I can use on mattresses, bedding and furniture to keep them bedbug-free. Being skeptical, I wasn’t sure if it would actually work. There was a money back guarantee though, so I figured I would give it a shot anyway.

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FabriClear is a natural spray that you apply to any item that could harbor bed bugs or dust mites. The spray gets rid of the bugs and mites without affecting you, your family or pets. It comes in two different size bottles, one for home and one for travel, so you can take it with you wherever you go. Just spray it on any fabric, bedding or furniture that you come into contact with. This kills any bedbugs, mites, larvae and eggs, letting you sleep soundly.

If you haven’t seen the commercial yet, here it is below:

Pros and Cons

Like all products, there are pros and cons to using FabriClear, though I will say that the pros definitely outweigh the cons.


  • You can take control of bedbugs and dust mites. No more relying on hotel housekeeping to do the job for you.
  • The travel size container makes it easy for you take FabriClear with you on trips.
  • One product works on all kinds of furniture and fabrics.
  • All natural ingredients that are safe for you and your pets too.
  • Money back guarantee.


  • Once you use FabriClear, you’ll need to let it dry before you can lie down on furniture or bedding.


Where to Buy

I’d recommend buying FabriClear through the official website. Not only will your order be secure, but you can also get free bonuses such as a travel size FabriClear. You can also ask them to double your order by just paying an extra shipping & handling charge. The website also offers a money back guarantee that you won’t find anywhere else.

Final Recommendation

Why take risks? If you are concerned about bedbugs or dust mites, using FabriClear can put your mind at ease and help you to protect your family, no matter where you are. Sleep easy knowing that your sheets and mattress have been treated and you aren’t at risk for nasty bites or allergies caused by dust mites and bed bugs.

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