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Do you hate cleaning days as much as I do? The thought of moving the couch, scooting the refrigerator, and other heavy items makes me tired before I start. When I ran across the EZ Moves product I was guessing this was just another gimmicky product which did not deliver on their promise. You are about to be in for a pleasant surprise. Let’s take a look at what I discovered.

Features and Benefits of the EZ Moves

The EZ Moves Company claims their product gives you up to 10 times your natural strength. Obviously that is not true, but what it gives you will make you feel 10 times stronger. EZ Moves are built on very simple scientific and engineering concepts which help you move furniture with much greater ease.

They help reduce the friction between the item and your floor surface. With the reduced friction, you can push gently and even heavy items like refrigerators and Hide-A-Bed couches move with ease. Does that bring up the same question in your mind it did mine?

How are you going to lift the furniture to put the slides in place? EZ Moves includes a pair of furniture lifters which use the principle of leverage to allow you to lift the furniture and place the EZ Move sliders with ease. These levers may actually give you 10 times your natural lifting strength.

The next question which hit my mind is how a slider for hard wood floors could be identical to one for carpet? Well, the answer was very simple. They are not. This was a surprising difference from competing products. EZ Moves includes the following in their bundle:

  • 2 EZ Moves Furniture Lifters
  • 8 EZ Moves for hardwood or hard surface floors.
  • 8 EZ Moves for carpets.

The number of slides they include in the package is a real bonus. You can keep those heavy pieces of furniture you move commonly on the sliders so you can move them without worrying about lifting them every cleaning day.

Pros and Cons of EZ Moves

In every review I list the positive and negative aspects of a product. This one has left me scratching my head, but let’s still move ahead.

On the positive side the product includes:

  • High quantity of slides so furniture is always ready to move.
  • Furniture lifters make lifting furniture to insert slides very easy.
  • Works on both hard surfaces and carpet. (Just choose the right sliders.)
  • Reasonable cost.
  • Easy to use.

Now this is where I started scratching my head. What is the negative aspect of the product? I couldn’t really think of much except for one thing:

  • Not pretty – The slides are not the most elegant item to leave under your couch legs in the living room. You will probably choose to remove them in areas where you have guests.

As you can see, the negative point is very minor as it’s not like these things are meant to look good anyways. The product is strong, durable, easy to use, and convenient.

Where to get your EZ Moves

I would recommend you order your package direct from the company website. If you find EZ Moves in a store, there is a good chance it will include less slides and may not include the lifters. You want to make sure you get the furniture lifters because they are what makes using the EZ Moves so easy. Besides, the best price for the product can be found directly from the source, so why would you take a risk?


Since purchasing EZ Moves, my cleaning days have gotten much easier. Now instead of putting off cleaning behind the refrigerator or under the couches, leaving dust and pet hair underneath them, I just use my EZ Moves and it makes the job a breeze. They are very affordable and durable, so I see no reason why anyone wouldn’t want a set of these. I highly recommend you try them out – I know you will be satisfied with your purchase.

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