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Before I talk about Elite Hair, I’ll state the obvious. For guys, and more so for women, our hair is an important part of our identity. We look back on the time when we had it with great fondness. And we look at what hair we do have left with a twinge of trepidation. That’s why when you start to notice that you are losing your hair you need to make a couple of important decisions. Are you going to do something about it? If yes, then what hair restoration options are there? This is an extremely important decision and should not be made in haste. The doctors of Elite Hair are part of an network of industry experts and want to help you reclaim your confidence.

banner_300_250_3-7657220Elite Hair Description and How it Works

Elite Hair is a network of doctors that use the robotic device ARTAS to perform hair restoration treatments. The ARTAS  system allows the hair technician to redistribute hair follicles to areas that no longer grow hair. By identifying follicles which have the greatest growth potency the doctor can then remove a natural grouping and transplant each follicular hair transplant unit individually to areas where growth is needed. This procedure is called Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).

Advantages and Disadvantages of Elite Hair

  • Elite Hair offers video chat consultations. If you cannot physically make it to one of the doctors in the Elite Hair network an online meeting can be arranged.
  • There is little noticeable scarring or nerve damage that can sometimes be experienced with grafting. There is zero need for stitches with the ARTAS system.
  • Recovery time is cut in half, and any pain experienced post-op will not require prescription pain killers. Regular over-the-counter medicine is all you need.
  • If you prefer to have a face to face consultation with a doctor within the Elite Hair Doctors network you may have to settle for a video conference. Doctors in the network are slim, with the exception of central and lower California.
  • As with any other quality hair transplant cost, the price tag for getting your procedure done by an Elite Hair Doctor is a hefty one. The surgery alone is one thing, but you must also take into account any travel expenses and loss of work.
  • The procedure itself takes 4 to 6 hours. While you are sitting down and comfortable during the hair transplant it does begin to drag on after two hours.
  • Takes about a year to see the final results.

To find an Elite Hair doctor near you either call (800) 601-4145, or visit their official website here. On their webpage you can either schedule a free consultation or order a free information kit. There is no obligation. Within two business days you will be contacted by an Elite Hair representative. Order now and you will receive an instant savings coupon from Elite Hair Doctors for $300 off your hair restoration procedure.

Final Recommendation

I live in south central Pennsylvania and had to take a two hour drive to get to the doctor located in Rockville, Maryland. I’m sure that Skype would have worked but there were a lot of details and questions that I had which made me happy that I could meet in person. I think that the most important takeaway that I received from my consultation were the few caveats that my doctor gave me in order to give me a realistic expectation for what the possibilities were for me. My issue was with a receding hair line and I didn’t need to fill in a large surface area. However, because the hair transplants would be along the hairline I was informed that it wouldn’t be as thick as the surrounding growth, particularly along the sides and back of my head. Also, there would be some redness around the recipient areas. This meant that my hairline remained red for about two weeks after my procedure, much longer than the actual recovery time. The pain was gone in about a week.

It’s been over a year since my procedure and I am thrilled with my new hair. As the doctor warned the transplanted hair is not as thick as other areas, but with careful combing it’s not noticeable. Whatever Elite Hair Doctors reviews I’ve read all held true. The recovery time is less, the results are good, and the bill is high. My procedure with Elite Hair Doctors cost nearly $7,000. This is actually on the cheap end because I didn’t have a lot of surface area that needed filled in. When I say that it’s on the cheap end don’t think that this was an easy purchase for me. I don’t have thousands of dollars to waste. Fortunately, Elite Hair Doctors was not a waste. Instead, this turned out to be a worthwhile investment for me.

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