Egg Sitter Review: The Support Your Bottom Needs

You’ve probably seen the commercials on TV and wondered if Egg Sitter could help you. If so, you’re not alone; we were curious about this, too. In this Egg Sitter review, we look at the ‘As Seen on TV’ Egg Sitter seat cushion to see if it’s as good as it seems. Later in this review, we look at some other popular seat cushion options to see how the Egg Sitter stacks up.

The ‘Egg Sitter’ Seat Cushion

The Egg Sitter is made by BulbHead, a company that calls itself ‘The Home of Bright Ideas.’ The company curates a collection of helpful inventions for the modern person. If you haven’t seen the entertaining infomercial, the Egg Sitter by BulbHead is a flexible gel cushion that offers support to the body.

For anyone who sits all day, the Egg Sitter is an appealing concept. Because the cushion adds a buoyant layer between the body and chair, it can prevent muscle tension and achy backs caused from long hours of sitting. They design the cushion for maximum portability so you can bring it to work, use it in the car, at home, or during outside events.

The cushion’s claim to fame comes from how the cushion is tested for softness. The test goes like this: place the cushion on a hard metal or wooden chair. Next, place an egg on the cushion, and finally, users sit on the egg. The cushion is so soft that not only does the egg not break, but users can’t feel the egg when sitting.

 You might think the Egg Sitter probably isn’t much different from other seat cushions. However, the company uses a proprietary design to make this seat cushion special. Below in this Egg Sitter review, we look at the product’s most prominent features.


Egg Sitter is made from durable ultra-flex polymer. It’s the material used in this cushion that gives it advantages over its competitors.

Air Flow

We know that high-density foam is prone to collecting a lot of body heat. Sometimes a cushion is comfortable to sit on but just too hot. Egg Sitter differs from sciatic nerve pillows, memory foam, and foam seat cushions. The main difference is that it’s made with a unique flex-grip honeycomb design to allow air to flow throughout the cushion.

Air circulation creates a vastly different cushion when compared to other types. Not only is the cushion more responsive to the body, but it also substantially cooler. The cushion doesn’t retain body heat but pushes it away from the body.


Manufacturer’s design all seat cushions to offer support to the body. Sitting all day is rough on bodies, and a seat cushion can make a difference. Egg Sitter is different because it supports not just the bottom, but also works to absorb pressure points by design.

The honeycomb patterning collapses in on itself to buffer pressure between your body and the chair. Because of this design, the cushion cradles the tailbone to provide the most comfortable sitting experience.


Another area where Egg Sitter shines is in the cleanliness department. Unlike many cushions, especially foam cushions, Egg Sitter is water safe. This cushion also comes with a black non-slip seat cushion that is machine washable. For those who want increased odor protection, the deluxe version of Egg Sitter comes with a bamboo-charcoal infused non-slip cover.


Egg Sitter comes in one size and fits most chairs, including car seats, recliners, office chairs, computer chairs, and kitchen chairs. Even after hundreds of hours of use, Egg Sitter keeps its shape. Egg Sitter is suitable for individuals weighing under 300 pounds.


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Depending on where and when you buy Egg Sitter, you’ll discover different prices. If you opt for the deluxe version with the bamboo-charcoal infused cover costs more.

BulbHead often offers reduced pricing if you buy more than one Egg Sitter at a time. 

Egg Sitter is one of the more expensive seat cushions, but they often offer deals to for price reduction.

Depending on where and when you buy Egg Sitter, you’ll discover different prices.

BulbHead often offers reduced pricing if you buy more than one Egg Sitter at a time. 

Egg Sitter is one of the more expensive seat cushions, but they often offer deals to for price reduction.

For this Egg Sitter review, we selected some other As Seen on TV support cushions for comparison.

  • As Seen on TV Perfect Fit Cushion
  • As Seen on TV Deluxe Solution Orthopedic Seat Cushion
  • As Seen on TV Miracle Bamboo Cushion

BulbHead As Seen on TV ‘Egg Sitter’ Seat Cushion

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Most people who were involved in this Egg Sitter review reported a marked improvement in back pain after long hours of sitting, but this wasn’t universally the case. Some people find this cushion too small to provide the comfort they want. We had to dock Egg Sitter one star for not working for everyone.

The ultra-flex polymer in Egg Sitter is tough and can take a beating from our seats without losing shape or its spring-like bounce. We expect this cushion being around for a long time.

Egg Sitter looks a little thicker in the advertisements that it is in real life, which was disappointing. We wish that the company was more transparent about the size of the cushion. Other than these issues, our consensus for this Egg Sitter review is that the unique design is both innovative and useful.

Admittedly, we were surprised to see how long the warranty is for this cushion. Telebrands, the parent company overseeing BulbHead and Egg Sitter, warrants the product for a full ten years after purchase. This warranty applies only to the original purchaser and covers’ significant loss of performance resulting from normal wear and tear.’

As Seen on TV Perfect Fit Cushion

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The As Seen on TV Perfect Fit Cushion is an air bead extravaganza. With over one million air beads to cushion the seat, this cushion is ideal for use at work, home, in the car, or when traveling. To use the Perfect Fit Cushion, fill it with air, and sit. The cushion molds to the shape of your bottom to add another layer of comfort to a chair.

The Perfect Fit Cushion isn’t uncomfortable, per se; the problem is that air doesn’t stay in the cushion. When the air is in place, the cushion works as a pillow to offer another supportive layer, but it doesn’t ease pressure points. Overall, the Perfect Fit Cushion doesn’t fit at all when air leaks out.

It doesn’t take long for the Perfect Fit Cushion to leak air. We were disappointed with the materials and craftsmanship for this product.

For better or worse, all components come together when designing a product. Unfortunately, this is the case for the Perfect Fit Cushion; It has design flaws that impact the comfort and durability of the product.

The Perfect Fit Cushion doesn’t come with a warranty.

As Seen on TV Deluxe Solution Orthopedic Seat Cushion

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The As Seen on TV Deluxe Solution Orthopedic Seat Cushion is a double-sided 100 percent polyurethane memory foam cushion. The cushion has a tilting wedge shape that provokes the spine into the proper posture to prevent discomfort when seated. They cover each side of the cushion in a removable micro-suede (not genuine leather) cover that’s safe to wash in the machine. This seat cushion has an easy to grasp handle for on-the-go comfort.

For orthopedic or posture-related pain, this seat cushion proves comfortable, but it’s not the most suitable option for all pain. People who have injured tailbones might find this seat cushion too thin to pad their sore spots.

We get mixed messages from this cushion. It feels durable, but because the memory foam compresses so much after prolonged sitting, we aren’t sure how long this cushion will hold up. We’d give it a few years at least.

Although this seat cushion is thinner than advertised, there are some redeeming design features. The wedged-shaped memory foam cushion helps correct posture mistakes. We also like that Deluxe Solutions included a convenient handle on the product; we find carrying this cushion around comfortable. With a shape similar to a briefcase, transporting the Orthopedic Seat Cushion is a breeze.

If Deluxe Solution offers a warranty for their Orthopedic Seat Cushion, they sure don’t advertise it. We looked high and low for the warranty terms for this cushion to no avail. We tried to contact the manufacturer for warranty information, but have yet to hear back.

As Seen on TV Miracle Bamboo Cushion

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The Miracle Bamboo Cushion is an orthopedic cushion to help with posture and pressure relief. They make the cushion from high-density foam and the cover out of machine-washable viscose and bamboo. They design the Miracle Bamboo Cushion to mold to your bottom without flattening to provide pain relief to the spine, glutes, and tailbone. The cloth handle on the Miracle Bamboo Cushion makes it easy to take to outdoor events and the airport.

The Miracle Bamboo Cushion is comfortable and fits a variety of body shapes and sizes. The high-density foam adds plenty of support to uncomfortable chairs for all-day comfort.

We were surprised with how durable this cushion is. Our first impression was that this seat cushion looked a little flimsy, but we were wrong. This seat cushion is durable and will probably last a long time.

Our biggest complaint with the Miracle Bamboo Cushion is the cover. We aren’t sure why the company would choose a light color for a seat color, but they have. We prefer darker seat colors just in case things heat up down there; we don’t like that this cushion would show our sweat. That said, we are thankful for the handle and the cushion’s shape.

Although the Miracle Bamboo Cushion has a lot going for it, we’re disappointed to report that the company doesn’t provide a warranty for their product.

Egg Sitter Review: Conclusion

If this Egg Sitter review has proved anything, it’s that the Egg Sitter is a good value. Not only is their seat cushion comfortable, durable, and well-designed, but it also comes with an extended 10-year warranty. We’ve found that warranties for seat cushions tend to be the exception rather than the rule, and we appreciate that Egg Sitter stands behind their product.

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