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Every year for Father’s Day my daughters get my husband a new wallet. They have to, because his old wallet always falls apart after a year of use. It’s frustrating for him, but with so many kids and his own business, he needs to carry both business and personal credit cards, along with some cash all the time. This takes a toll on his wallet and makes it look shabby, something that he doesn’t want potential clients to see.

Plus, he’s been pick-pocketed at one point. I guess the bulky wallet was really obvious in his pockets. He’s tried keeping it in his front pocket, but that was really uncomfortable since it took up a lot of room.

This year though, our girls will have to come up with a new gift. They were surfing online, trying to find a great new wallet for him, and they found the DuraWallet which is supposed to be much stronger and durable (hence the name) than a regular wallet. They got him one and although it’s still early and we haven’t given it to him yet, I must say, I think this wallet will last for a lot longer than a year based on the way it looks and feels.

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How DuraWallet Works

The secret to a thin, sturdy wallet that expands is Tyvek, a synthetic material that is ultra-strong and water resistant. This material is so protective, it’s been used to make coveralls for industrial workers as well as a “housewrap” that protects building walls from water damage. You have probably seen Tyvek wrap before on unfinished houses. Well, this wallet is made out of the same material. This material easily expands without tearing, while also returning back to its normal size.

Dura Wallet can hold 20+ bills and 16+ credit cards! In addition to being less expensive than leather wallets, DuraWallet lasts longer and it can be recycled!

One of the best things about the Dura Wallet though is the built in identity theft protection. As you may or may not be aware of, there are now devices out there called RFID card scanners and a thief can literally walk up to you with the device, put it close to your wallet, and scan your credit cards stealing the information right off of them. The DuraWallet prevents this from happening with it’s built-in RFID protector. This should definitely help give you peace of mind.

Pros and Cons

Like anything you buy these days, Dura Wallet has its pros and cons, though I’d still definitely recommend buying one.


  • Tyvek protects cash and credit cards from bad weather.
  • This wallet is stain resistant and stays looking smart much longer than other wallets.
  • Super-thin design is less bulky: DuraWallet won’t attract attention from pickpockets.
  • Won’t wear out as quickly as traditional wallets.
  • DuraWallet is recyclable.
  • DuraWallet is not made from leather, which is important to those who are concerned about animal welfare.


  • No separate coin section.
  • Wallet does not have a fastener.

Where to Buy

I haven’t seen the DuraWallet in stores, so the best place to buy is going to be from the official website. You get a free bonus offer too: Just pay extra shipping and you get two DuraWallets, one black, one brown! Even if you don’t need 2 wallets yourself, you can give one to a friend as a gift. Plus, you’ll get a 30 day money back guarantee just in case you’re not happy with the wallet for any reason.

Final Recommendation

The DuraWallet is a great alternative to expensive leather wallets that lose their shape, get stained and take up too much room. They are inexpensive and should last you a lot longer than a traditional wallet will. Plus with the RFID protection, you should feel more comfortable knowing a thief can’t come and steal your identity and credit card information. Try one out and see what you think. There’s a money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose.

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