Dressing Your Little Princess for a Summer Wedding – As Seen On TV Product Reviews

It is wedding season once again, and if your family has been invited to a wedding (or three) this summer then you probably already have an idea of what you are going to wear. When it comes to dressing your kids, however, it can be a bit more difficult. If you have a young daughter you need to find clothes for for a wedding you’ll be attending as guests, then here are some tips for finding something she’ll love to wear, and be comfortable in all day.

Stop Her Being Jealous of the Bridesmaids

Every little girl dreams of being a bridesmaid, so when she is just a guest, your daughter may feel a little bit envious of the bridesmaids in their pretty dresses. While you should never outshine the bridal party, make sure you choose something together that makes her feel just as special as the other girls who are closer to the bride. You can reassure her that unlike the bridesmaids, she can choose any colour she wants, and when she has found a dress she really loves she can wear it to any future weddings or parties she wants to!

Look Out for Bargains

You can find some great deals on the internet for girls’ formal dresses, and some incredibly pretty things. If you plan to shop online and have a good idea of your daughter’s size, browse some kids clothes sale sites (you can find a good aggregator of online deals on designer and branded discount fashion here), make a shortlist of possible dresses, then, if she is old enough to be interested, have your daughter come and look through them and help choose which one to buy. It can be hard for kids to choose when they have too many options, and some have some weird ideas about what they like to wear, so it is better to present her with a small selection of dresses you approve of before letting her have her say!

Comfort and Versatility

If you are investing in a new party dress for your daughter for this wedding, you ideally want it to be something she can wear for other events this year, such as other weddings, birthday parties, or family occasions. By next year she probably will have grown out of it, so if you are spending a lot, try and choose something that is versatile enough to wear to a lot of occasions, and not too summery so it could be worn with a cardigan or jacket for parties later in the year. Also consider comfort – a wedding is a long day for a child and she will probably want to be up and dancing with the other kids, so make sure you break in the shoes she will be wearing at home before the day!

Finding a new ‘best dress‘ with your daughter can be fun, and, once you’ve found something she loves, you can be sure she will look adorable on your friend’s wedding day!

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