Does Mighty Sealer Actually Work and Where Can I Buy It? – As Seen On TV Product Reviews

We’ve recently been struggling with a leaky faucet here at the You’re Not Stupid office. If you’ve ever struggled with a leak, you know how frustrating it can be. For many of us, a high quality sealant is important. Many of these products can be difficult to use. This makes spray sealants such as “Mighty Sealer” attractive. They can be applied easily without a lot of time, trouble or extra equipment. We did some research on this product to answer the golden question: “Does Mighty Sealer Actually Work and Where Can I Buy it?” You can check out our results below.

Does Mighty Sealer Actually Work and Where Can I Buy it: How Mighty Sealer Works

Mighty Sealer was formulated as a spray sealant. Just spray it on a surface that you want to protect from water damage, or that already has a crack in it. The sealant is supposed to fill in cracks and protect surfaces against water damage. Because Mighty Sealer comes in a “clear” version, as well as black and white, users can use the sealant on all kinds of surfaces without worrying about how it looks or having to paint over the sealant.

Pros and Cons

Some people have some serious complaints about Mighty Sealer, while others feel that it has its uses. Here are some things to think about.



  • Comes in black, white and clear. In many cases, you won’t have to use paint to cover your seal.
  • Just spray on: No fussing with brushes or applicators.


  • Many users have complained that the product just doesn’t provide a good seal, even after using multiple coats.
  • Other users have complained that this is a “messy” product to use.
  • Comes as an aerosol spray, which means that it has to be stored properly.
  • Only comes in three, neutral colors, which may not meet all your needs.


Where to Buy

If you decide to buy Mighty Sealer, check out the official website. You can get a money back guarantee along with a free bonus can for the cost of shipping and handling. However, the money back guarantee does not include the cost of shipping the product, which means that the guarantee won’t protect all of your investment. Definitely consider this when purchasing the product


Does Mighty Sealer Actually Work and Where Can I Buy It: The Final Word

If you own a home or vehicle, you know about the cost and inconvenience of water damage. Unfortunately, the reports on this product aren’t great, so you may want to take a different approach to protecting your property against water damage. It seems to have stopped our leak for the time being. But, the reports of unhappy customers are very concerning. Also consider the fact that the manufacturer will not reimburse you for shipping and handling should you send the product back. You may want to consider going in a different direction such as a competitor or by hiring a professional to fix the leak.


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