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Cuddle UpPets are a nifty combination of puppets and blankets that your children will absolutely love. They are soft and plush and will help to enhance the imagination of virtually every child. Even more spectacular, Cuddle UpPets are available in a variety of colors and choices. Your kids can choose from six different animals to suit their individual personalities. Read this Cuddle Uppets review to find out more.

  • Bright, bold colors – Children love to play with toys that are filled with explosive colors. The Cuddle Uppets are specifically designed in the most vibrant colors, including: Pink, purple, blue, yellow, green and brown. These colors also help the Cuddle Uppets to stand out among their other toys so they are sure to seek them out first.
  • Machine washable – The soft texture of the Cuddle UpPets makes them easy to keep clean. You can even apply scotch guard to help prevent staining. Pop them into the washer and dryer to prevent excessive dirt and germs from building up.
  • Entertaining – Children of all ages will enjoy playing with the Cuddle UpPets, especially when their friends have them too. They can put on special puppet shows and really challenge themselves in an expressive way.
  • Dual purpose – Once the puppet show is over, your kids can wrap themselves and snuggle while reading a book or watching their favorite television show. Even if they fall asleep, they will be nice and warm as the blanket envelopes them.
  • Warm and cuddly – What child doesn’t yearn for their very own stuffed animal? Cuddle Uppets will surround them with a sense of security and safety wherever they go.
  • Long-lasting – These are built to last a long time. They will stand up to whatever test your kids can put them through.
  • Durable – They are strong and durable and made from materials that are virtually kid-proof.


      • Non-toxic
      • Cute and furry
      • Affordable – the more you buy, the cheaper they cost.
      • Additional purchases receive FREE shipping, that equals extra savings.
      • 30-day money back guarantee.
      • Collectable
      • Transforms from daytime playmate to nighttime security blanket.
      • Perfect size for snuggling.


      • Not available in stores.
      • Not available internationally.
      • Shipping can sometimes take up to 30 days.
      • Stock can be limited during certain times of the year.
      • Additional sales tax for certain states: AR, CA, MN, NJ, NY, SC & TX.
      • Additional shipping costs in certain states: HI, AK, VI, PR, GUAM, and CANADA.

Cuddle UpPets are also great for car trips because they keep your kids occupied while introducing them to some of the most popular animals, like poodles, crocodiles, monkeys, elephants and puppies. As they play, they can imitate some of the sounds each animal makes and this adds to the fun and excitement.

The only drawback to the Cuddle UpPets during vacations and road trips is they may get left behind and you will spend the rest of your trip desperately trying to console your child. And, since they can only be purchased online, you cannot stop by your local department store and pickup a replacement.

Best Place to Buy?

So far, the only place we know that sells the authentic Cuddle Uppets is the official website. They have a very nice variety of colors and different animals to choose from. They also give you discounts if you buy more than one so you’re not paying full price if you’re buying for multiple kids.

Click Here to Purchase Cuddle Uppets From the Official Website and take advantage of their discounts if you buy more than one.

Customer Reviews

Amy says:

February 24, 2012 at 4:22 am

My kids seem to get bored of any toys I get them pretty quickly. The latest toy I purchased for them was the Cuddle Uppets after I read so many positive cuddleuppet reviews online I decided to purchase it. I’ve purchased happy nappers in the past and my kids loved them and I thought the concept with cuddleuppets was pretty clever and very practical since they can play with them and use them during nap time. My daughters room is filled with stuffed animals and this was her latest and greatest toy that she hasn’t gotten bored of so far. She uses it as a pillow and a blanket if she’s not using her imagination and playing with it as a puppet. I can honestly say that for the price Cuddle Uppets is a toy that kids will love. I used to have a hard time getting my daughter to bed but she seems pretty happy to snuggle next to her new friend. If my daughter could write her own cuddle uppet review she probably would say a lot more than me and be a lot more enthusiastic about how much she loves her blanket puppet. I purchased mine off the web because I pretty much do most of my shopping online when I really want to get a deal and this is a great deal for your kids. If you want to reward your kids then I suggest buying them Cuddle Uppets.

Beth says:

February 24, 2012 at 3:32 am

I couldn’t believe how much my kids love these cuddley toys. I had purchased pillow pets in the past and my kids loved them so much and i decided to buy them cuddle uppets after they had asked me and since I couldn’t find them in any toy stores I went ahead and purchased them online. My son Tyler and daughter Kayla take their Cuddle Uppets with them everywhere. We took a road trip and they were able to keep themsevles occupied with their fun new toys and when they wanted to nap they could cover themselves underneath a comfy blanket which is the part of this plush toy. I thought this toy was such a great idea and it’s one that will definately put a smile on your kids faces when you hand them their new cuddle uppet. I didn’t find the blanket itself to be that big as it measures only 39 x 28 inches however the cost of cuddle uppets is not expensive at all. CuddleUppets is just a brilliant combination of a blanket and puppet all in one which goes so well together.


When you make your first Cuddle UpPet purchase, you will see what so many parents have been raving about. The design is unique and the quality is superb; not only will your children instantly fall in love, you may have a hard time tearing their new furry friend away. Even if it’s just to give them a bath before bedtime. Do yourself a favor and buy more than one, this will even the odds. This is especially true if you have two or more small children in one household.

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Read this part carefully before you make your first Cuddle UpPet purchase

While the Cuddle UpPet can be the perfect playmate for your kids, it is important to remember that all plush toys require regular cleaning and sanitation to prevent bacteria from building up. Because your kids will more than likely spend countless hours outside as well as inside, make sure you schedule weekly maintenance to keep them clean and fresh and free from germs.

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