CovFurs Review – As Seen On TV Product Reviews

I don’t know about you, but I know that I can never have enough shoes: Flats, boots, heels. . .you name it, I want them!

But realistically, I know I can’t afford every pair of shoes that I see. Winter boots, in particular, can be really expensive, particularly those with fur tops. So adorable and so expensive!

One day after window shopping I came home to sulk. I saw some darling boots topped with faux fur tops that day and they were a bit out of my league. I figured a cup of hot cocoa and some television would get me out of my funk.

To my surprise, however, I saw a commercial that completely lifted my mood. The product was CovFurs, faux fur tubes that you can slip on over your boots. Not only were they inexpensive (I could buy all three for less than the price of a single pair of boots), but they were super cute!  So I got online right away and placed my order.

The CovFurs arrived quickly, and in such fun colors: Wild Leopard, Black, and Gray Chinchilla. I pulled on the Wild Leopard over my plain brown boots (I like to live dangerously lol :D) and went out for a stroll.

Not only did they look great (I got some compliments), but they kept my ankles so warm. I was completely sold!

Throughout the rest of the week I had a great time matching my CovFurs to my boots and shoes. I was amazed at how I could instantly change my look just by pulling a different CovFur over the boots that I already owned.

How CovFurs Work

While they are really cute, CovFurs are also really simple. Just slip them on over your boots: That’s it, you’re done! Don’t have boots? Don’t worry, pair them with flats or other shoes. Doesn’t get much simpler than that.

Pros and Cons

While I really love CovFurs, there are some things that I like more than others. Below are a few things to think about before you make your purchase.


  • Easy to slip on and off.
  • Faux fur is cruelty-free and I definitely don’t support wearing real fur as clothing.
  • Can be worn with any type of footwear: One pair of CovFurs can double your winter shoe wardrobe. More than one pair can triple or quadruple your footwear options!
  • Helps keep my ankles warm in the winter. Always a good thing!
  • Neutral colors go well with most footwear.


  • Since CovFurs are faux fur and keep your feet and ankles warmer, you wouldn’t want to wear them on a really hot summer day.
  • Only comes in a few colors. I’d love to see some bright color CovFurs added to the collection!

Where to Buy CovFurs

I can’t vouch for any other source except the official website. By going with the website, I got product bonuses, a discount on additional pairs of CovFurs and a money-back guarantee.

Click Here to buy your CovFurs from their official site and take advantage of all the deals and bonuses they are offering!

My Final Word

Look, nobody has a lot of money right now, but this doesn’t mean that it isn’t important to look good. With CovFurs, I don’t have to choose between spending more than I can afford on shoes and being fashionable. Each pair of CovFurs that I own gives me more wardrobe versatility. Try a pair and see what you think!

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