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If, like me, you’ve seen that enticing TV ad for the Climbing Strawberry Plants, I bet you were immediately intrigued. Traditionally, strawberries grow on the ground level, thus occupying quite a lot of space in the garden and preventing you from using it for a different plant culture right away. They also require a lot of tending to, and only produce fruit for about a month per year, in early summer. Sure, there are also that breed of strawberry plants that produces fruit two times a year, but that still doesn’t really make it worth your while if you only plan to produce enough for one home. Strawberries are unfortunately only worth it at a large business scale, or so we thought so far.

With the new breed of climbing strawberry plants, we could avoid all those advantages and simply grow enough strawberries to consume every day, for the whole season and with minimal care and space required. If you also throw in the fact that supermarket strawberries are far less tasty than freshly-picked ones, since the fruit gets mushy very fast, then the allure of this pack of plants is even greater. I decided to try it and I was actually more pleased with the product than I had expected to be in the beginning.

How the Climbing Strawberry Plants Work

You can make your own DIY Strawberry Vines with Climbing Strawberry Plants

At your purchase, you will receive 6 giant plants (3 plus 3 for free, all for $10 minus Sending and Handling). You will then put those in the garden space around your home, and watch those beautiful strawberry vines take up and grow into lovely and rich corners of strawberry vines. Soon enough, just in a few weeks, the plants will start blossoming and producing fruit, and they won’t stop either once you pick up their first yield. The climbing strawberry plants are able to produce fruit all year-round, so they could theoretically continue to give you fresh strawberry in the winter too, if you would move them into an appropriate indoor environment.

An often overlooked aspect is that growing these lovely plants around your house won’t just bring you the desired result of the fruit itself, but it will also make the area prettier. Strawberry vines are one of the better looking plants to have around, and especially when little dots of red fruit start popping up, the whole area will look really enticing and make anyone think of summery ice-cream and pies.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Climbing Strawberry Plants

  • The climbing strawberry plants occupy very little garden space since they grow vertically. Also, they don’t require a lot of tending, so it would be convenient for less garden-savy people to have them around.
  • The plants produce fruit all year-round, so if you manage to plant a whole set of 6, there won’t be any need for you to keep buying supermarket strawberries. At least as long as you don’t plan on consuming more than one-two handfuls per day or so, but the yield is more than enough to add to breakfast and also have a few nibbles from time to time.
  • Speaking of which, the supermarket berries will not only be much more expensive than the ones you’ll be growing, but you will also find them tasteless after a while, should you encounter them in a dessert served someplace else. Fresh strawberry doesn’t compare with mushy strawberries picked a day or two before, and this is yet another of the unbeatable perks of this plant pack.
  • For what is probably the first time in my long history of reviewing products, I actually have not been able to find any potential drawback to these climbing strawberry plants. Everything seems right about them, and I haven’t come across any complaints from other customers either.

As usual, the best place to purchase an As Seen on TV product is from its official website. A pack of 3 plants costs just $10, with an extra $6.95 S&H tax. Also, if you buy 3, you get another 3 for free, according to the special offer in store for visiting online customers (provided that you also pay the extra S&H tax for the second pack of plants).

Final Recommendation

Since I couldn’t find anything resembling a draw-back for the climbing strawberry plants, I would obviously whole-heartedly recommend the product to anyone who lives in a house and has a bit of room around it.

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