Clever Grip – the Best Cell Phone Holders for Cars? – As Seen On TV Product Reviews

Smartphones are a great, great thing and I’m sure anyone will agree to the fact that in spite of the bad rap they occasionally get, they really do make our lives more fun and easier. Not only do smartphones allow us to stay in touch with family and friends easier than ever, but they also let us enjoy a whole set of other practical perks. Some of these perks come in especially handy while we’re driving (such as the GPS function or playing songs), which makes the temptation to use the smartphone and drive even greater. The problem with this is that using cellphones while driving isn’t only forbidden, but it’s actually very dangerous. This is why the industry of cell phone holders for car use has been created in the past years, so you can use the smartphone’s functions and keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. The latest cell holder As Seen on TV product is the Clever Grip and as soon as I saw the ad for it, I was of course intrigued. I decided to test the product and report the results, so you know everything there is to know before deciding for yourself if it’s worth it. Here is how that went.

The Clever Grip was, hands down, the best cell phone holder for car use that I’ve ever interacted with. It’s incredibly small and lightweight, but its tight grip and resistant material are strong enough to hold a brick into place safely. You won’t believe how easy it is to set its adjustable straps into the air vents in your car. You can easily resize its scope to perfectly fit the car’s air vents and the smartphone’s dimensions. Then, simply use as you’d like; the Clever Grip device comes with a rotating head that moves in all directions (360 degrees) so you can also adjust the perfect angle for you to see its screen while driving. Furthermore, you can also take the device with you outside the car: if you slip a credit card or something similarly-shaped under it, the Clever Grip instantly transforms into a reliable and trendy cellphone stand. This way, you can continue to watch its screen or listen to songs while also tending to other business like housework chores and so on.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Clever Grip


  • The device is very lightweight and small so it’s easily portable in your bag.
  • It is also very strong and reliable, being able to hold the weight of a brick.
  • The rotating cap is reliable and you can really obtain the perfect viewing angle with it.
  • You can use it for any normal size smartphone and with any type of air vents.


  • Some other customers complained about the fact that with truly huge smartphone sizes (as large as tablet, according to their reports), the mobility of the device and some of its other features were somewhat compromised. My 5 inch Sony Xperia Z worked fine.

Where to Buy Clever Grip As Seen on TV Product

The best place to buy the product is, just like in most cases of TV-advertised items, its own website. Buy Clever Grip here. Not only is the price a bit lower there compared to say, Amazon or similar hubs, but you can also take advantage of the special bundle offers: if you buy one Clever Grip (for $14.99) you also get one free, and the Processing and Handling fee is also lowered from $7.95 to $2.95 if you are indeed buying two of them. You can then easily gift one to someone else, since it’s truly an useful and small gift anyone would welcome into their cars and lives.

Final Recommendation

I would wholeheartedly recommend the Clever Grip for anyone who has a smartphones and drives (virtually anyone these days). Considering that the product isn’t expensive at all (especially in its “buy one, get one free” offer) and that you can use it as a stand during your time outside the car, this will really become one of the most useful gadgets you’ve ever acquired. My final advice is to buy it free of any worry: there isn’t anything dubious or useless about it. Enjoy!

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