Christian Gifts that Keep on Giving – As Seen On TV Product Reviews

No matter what the occasion, if you have a Christian friend or family member you are shopping for to find the perfect gift, you will want to give something with meaning. It could be something small and simple or something costly and rare, but whatever the case, if it is a gift for a Christian, it should have meaning. It should be a Christian gift that keeps on giving.

Large Family Bible

Have you ever wondered what ever happened to those huge, oversized family Bibles that were a significant part of most households back in the day? They would usually be displayed in a place of prominence somewhere in the living room and families would record all major life events in pages at the very beginning. How nice would it be to start this tradition up again among your circle of family and friends? Give them a family Bible to keep records in and to display proudly for all who enter to recognize they are in a Christian household.

Gifts from the Holy Land

You may have never visited the Holy Land personally, but in most Christian bookstores there is a smattering of gifts handcrafted in Jerusalem. From hand-carved wooden crosses to relics said to be worn or used by ‘the saints,’ it is possible to find a Christian gift from the Holy Land that will be a cherished for years to come and a reminder of you, their friend in Christ as often as they should happen to see it.

Wall Crosses

Some faiths don’t believe in having Jesus on the cross while others believe that the body of Christ on the cross is an important sign of their faith. In either case, a lovely wooden wall cross would be an ideal gift for a believer

There are lovely holy pictures in virtually any Christian gift shop, whether they are reproductions from the masters or contemporary art symbolic of faith. Every time your friend sees that work of art he or she will think of you. This is what a gift that keeps on giving is all about – a continual reminder that they are loved by the Lord, and by you of course!

Christian Clothing and Accessories

From Christian T-shirts to tote bags to Bible cases sold by, clothing and accessories provide a wide source of inspirational gifts to choose from. These will also be a continual reminder of that person’s faith as well as a reminder that you understand their journey and want to share it with them.

Choosing a Christian gift that keeps on giving isn’t really hard to do. Once you know that you have a friend who walks with the Lord, you can find something that speaks of their faith while showing your appreciation for their faith. Choose something with symbolic meaning and they will cherish it forever as a sign of your friendship as well as a reminder that they are one with the Lord and one with you. If they’re Christian, any gift is huge so give from the heart.

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