Choosing From 2015's Great Carpet Trends When Redecorating Your Living Room – As Seen On TV Product Reviews

If you are looking to redecorate your living room with a new, stylish color scheme, 2015’s design trends offer up loads of great ideas. One of the most fundamental things you need to decide on is of course the flooring. While things like laminate flooring have become increasingly popular because they are convenient and easy to clean, and afford you the possibility of having underfloor heating, for many people a carpet is still the preferred choice. It feels warm and soft underfoot, reduces noise when people or pets are walking around, and of course allows you to use color, texture and patterns in ways that no wood, tile or laminate style of flooring can.

Carpet Design in 2015

2015’s latest interior carpet trends are great, and while they are new looks that have been put together for this year’s homes, you don’t need to worry about looking like a fashion victim or having a room that feels dated in a few years – these are all chic, contemporary styles that will not go out of style any time soon. So what are some of your options?

Gray Is the New Neutral

Neutral colors are always good for carpets as they will work with all kinds of other color schemes. This year, the most popular neutral is gray, and this is good news because gray is a great color to use with just about any color scheme, from a black and white look to a rich, bold color theme including your choice of red, rich green or blue. A soft, muted gray can look sophisticated and elegant, replacing cream as the ‘light neutral’ of choice. If you want something resilient that hides stains (for example if you have kids or pets), a darker shade (you can even go as dark as charcoal and still be in on this trend) can also look really nice, though it is still a good idea to have your carpet cleaned a couple of times a year by a professional company like to give it a longer life and keep it looking great.

Geometric Patterns

If you want a carpet that makes a real feature in your room, or you simply prefer patterns to plain designs, then geometric prints are the best choice from 2015’s carpet trends. Rather than random patterns, geometric prints can create a modern, crisp effect and look great if you have a lot of space. You can break up the pattern with a plain rug if you find the impact too overwhelming.

If you want a colored carpet as opposed to a neutral, all shades of green are really in fashion this year, and of course, you can have green in a geometric design (with gray) if you want to incorporate all of these trends at once!

Choosing a great new living room carpet is easy this year, with so many cool and attractive designs in this years’ interior design collections, so go ahead and make your floor look amazing

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