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Ask many home cooks about the things they like making least and desserts are often at the top of that list. This isn’t because we don’t like desserts. Instead, this dislike is because dessert recipes are often complicated and don’t always turn out well. There is a special group of recipes, though, that allow people to make simple desserts quickly and without a lot of fuss. They’re called dump cakes, and recently a new cookbook has come out that offers numerous recipes for this type of dessert.

About the Dump Cakes Cookbook

If you’ve never heard of a “dump cake,” let me explain. Cake recipes generally require several ingredients, several bowls, and several steps. As a result, many people don’t bother making cakes at home anymore. In fact, even with the availability of commercial cake mixes, many people still avoid baking desserts at home because of the amount  of time and hassle even boxed mix cakes require.

Dump cakes are different: Many recipes call for only three ingredients such as a package of cake mix, some fresh/frozen/canned fruit, and (weirdly) a can of soda. These items are simply “dumped” into a baking pan and then put into a preheated oven. The result is a hot, freshly baked dessert that required almost no time or skill to make. Some versions of dump cakes may require a few extra steps or ingredients. However, these recipes are all still very simple and straightforward.

Cathy Mitchell, a well-known infomercial spokeswoman, put together a bunch of these recipes into the Dump Cakes cookbook.  You can have them in your kitchen for whenever you need to put together a quick dessert for a family dinner, party, or event.

Pros and Cons of Dump Cakes

No cookbook is perfect, though I’ve enjoyed this one. Here are a few pros and cons that I’ve discovered:


  •  These recipes were chosen because they can be put together in a matter of minutes and most require only a few ingredients.
  •  Homemade desserts are less expensive and fresher than store-bought.
  •  The recipes don’t require a lot of equipment or even any real cooking skill.
  •  Many of the desserts can be made directly in the baking pan. This means you don’t have to wash mixing bowls.
  •  Even though it’s easy to find recipes online,  cookbooks are really handy when working in the kitchen.


  •  If you insist on making food from scratch, this is not a cookbook for you. It makes use of a lot of prepared ingredients such as cake mix, canned fruit and even soda.
  •  Some people have mentioned that the desserts can be very sweet. If you don’t like super sweet desserts, the recipes in this cookbook likely won’t meet your needs.

Where to Buy Dump Cakes

I purchased mine online. In addition to the cookbook, I also recommend a second cookbook called Dump Dinners which features easy to make entrées. I also purchased a nonstick skillet that can be used in the oven to bake some of these recipes for dump cakes. I’m happy with what I got.

Final Word

If you are looking for easy dessert recipes, this cookbook should fit the bill. You won’t have to hunt down fancy ingredients, and you won’t have to budget a lot of time for making home-baked desserts.

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