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As we all tend to spend more and more time driving, our cars must also play host to a growing array of personal items and gadgets. If we’re driving more, we also need to keep an increasing amount of things on hand: a small cup of coffee, another cup filled with water (or another refreshing drink), the house keys (maybe even several sets of keys), sunglasses, headphones, a smartphone or two, a tablet, some small sports accessories perhaps, a snack and so on. For the ladies, the list can be even larger if we count cosmetic products we carry around on a personal basis (even if the ladies keep a handbag). In any case, the car tends to become a messy, second home for many of us. That’s where the Car Valet comes in to save the day.

More than ever, we are in need of professional solutions for a better organization and storage space in our cars. The Car Valet As Seen on TV product promises just that. So, I decided to order and try it for a few weeks before letting you all know how that went in this Car Valet review. All in all, I was pleased with the product and I found that it delivered on its promises in the ads. It really managed to simplify my driving experience and make my car better stocked and organized at the same time.

The Car Valet can be described as a cup holder insert that you attach (insert) in the space between the car’s seat and the center console of the car. It can hold 2 extra cups in addition to the main one, as well as providing multiple compartments and little places for all sorts of accessories. With the Car Valet cup holder, you can thus store your drinks (and the drinks of fellow passengers), your sunglasses, headphones, golf balls or little toys (if you travel with kids), a snack or two, the cell phone and so on. More importantly, not only will everything be tidier (thus the Car Valet truly earns its name as the car organizer), but all this is also stored safely. Drinks that spill or small objects flying around the car at sudden brakes aren’t a mere annoyance, but they genuinely pose a threat since they can distract the driver and cause accidents. Thankfully, with the Car Valet, this is no longer the case, since everything will be kept together and in place safely.

  • The Car Valet works as much more than just a simple car cup holder: it truly earned its name as a car organizer. It’s almost like a little built-in cabinet for your car, with drawers and compartments for everything you could possibly and reasonably want to have around. By using the Car Valet, you no longer need to carry those things with you on a spare seat of the car, risking all of them to come tumbling down whenever the car is engaged in a sudden movement.
  • The gadget has a low price considering all the advantages it brings: only $14.95 for a Car Holder. You also get the second one for free. You can also get an Easy View accessory for the top of your front car window for only an extra $5, which can help you see well ahead through the sunlight (functioning like a giant sunglass protecting your view). The manufacturer also offers a value pack for families in which you can opt for 4 Car Valet, 2 Easy Views and 5 extra microfiber washing and cleaning cloths in a bundle pack that costs $29.95 plus $9.95 Shipping & Handling.
  • I could honestly not find anything wrong with the Car Valet in my 3 weeks of using it, and therefore have nothing to report as con. The product is fine, the price seems fair to me, and there isn’t anything I can personally complain about in this Car Valet review.

You can purchase the Car Valet cup holder and car organizer directly from the official website, with the prices and offers described in detail above. I also bought the Easy View extra and was pleased with it, so consider it with no worries, if you too are having trouble and squinting your eyes while driving through intense lighting conditions during the day. If your family members or close one also drive, fell free to order a family pack bundle, you’d be doing everyone a favor!

Final Recommendation

As reported above, I was completely satisfied with my Car Valet and I think it truly earned its name as a ‘valet’ of sorts for the car. I can now keep all the things I need close without having to worry about spilling my drinks or damaging the car, everything is tidier and better organized and my driving experienced has overall become a more pleasant one. Therefore, I can honestly recommend the Car Valet As seen on TV product with no holdback or half-hearted feeling.

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