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callous-clear-3066707I live in a cold climate and I wear sandals a lot in the summer, two things that can really do a number on my feet. My heels, in particular, get very dry and calloused, which is not only uncomfortable, but very embarrassing. While regular pedicures certainly help, they tend to be expensive and with several kids, I just don’t have the time to make a visit to the beauty salon every couple of weeks. I’ve seen elaborate “foot spa” products online and in stores, but they seemed expensive and complicated, so I pretty much decided to suffer in silence while occasionally splurging on a pedicure.

Then a friend told me about Callous Clear. I gave it a try and got hooked!

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Callous Clear is actually a step-by-step callous removing system. First, you smooth the softener gel onto your callouses and then follow up by applying the callous removal patches. You let the patches sit for a few minutes so that the gel can soak into your feet. After a few minutes, you peel the patches off and the callouses generally come right off with them. Next, you will want to use the finishing file to get any stubborn callouses off your feet and smooth them out a bit more. Lastly, you apply the wonderful, custom-formulated foot lotion, which helps keep your feet nice and soft.

I don’t have to use any scary looking instruments, nor do I have to soak my feet for a long time. It’s a very easy and straight-forward process which I love. Plus, it’s way cheaper and less time consuming than going to the salon for a pedicure.

For a more visual idea of how it works, here is the Callous Clear commercial:


Pros and Cons

I really like Callous Clear, but it’s important that you get the full picture so that you can make the best decision for you. Here are some pros and cons:


  • Remove callouses at home, no need to book and pay for a pedicure.
  • No harsh chemicals, my feet stay soft.
  • No complicated equipment.
  • No soaking my feet, so no large bucket or dishpan to fill and empty.
  • The foot lotion is great for keeping my feet soft between treatments.
  • None of the equipment requires batteries or electricity.


  • Callous Clear does take some time to use, and while the pads are on my feet, I need to stay put.
  • Hard to find in stores, so I normally stock up online.

Where to Buy It

I’d recommend getting your Callous Clear system from the official website because you’ll be able to take advantage of several specials they are running. These include getting a second set for free by just paying extra shipping & handling as well as the opportunity to get free shipping and a $15 As Seen On TV gift card that you can use for any As Seen On TV product.  You also get a money-back guarantee in case you aren’t happy with Callous Clear.

Final Recommendation

If you want to save the time, money and hassle of having to get pedicures on a regular basis, give Callous Clear a try.  It’s easy to use and you’ll be able to deal with your callouses in the privacy of your own home. And if for some reason you aren’t satisfied, there’s always the money back guarantee so you don’t end up wasting any money.

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