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cafecup-1097718I started drinking coffee back in college and, with three kids, a dog and a husband, I’ve really come to depend on the stuff! It’s tricky, though, because the coffee habit can get expensive. I really liked our single-brew coffee machine at work, so my husband got me one for home. I love it, but those prepackaged coffee cups are so expensive, sometimes topping 70 cents each!

Not to mention that my kids are nagging me because the cups, while convenient, aren’t very sustainable. After all, you use the plastic up once and then throw it away.

I was trying to ration myself on the coffee as a way of saving money and the environment. But then a friend told me about Cafe Cup: I ordered a set and I haven’t had to buy a single serve coffee cup since!

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How It Works

The Cafe Cup is incredibly simple. It resembles the little single serve cups that you buy in the store, except that they are empty: Just fill up the cup with the ground coffee (your choice!) using the scoop that comes with your Cafe Cup set, snap the cup lid back on and insert into your coffee maker. In minutes, you’ll have a freshly brewed cup of coffee, all for as little as a nickel a cup! The cups are also BPA-free so they are safe for you to use and won’t leech harmful chemicals into your coffee.

Here is a video by another user that gives you a more hands on look at the product:

Pros and Cons

Like anything, Cafe Cup has its pros and cons, but frankly, I think the pros totally outweigh any problems that you might have with Cafe Cup.


  • Your coffee is fresher: Grind your beans right before brewing, and you’ll have the freshest coffee you can get!
  • Save money over buying pre-packaged single serve coffee cups.
  • Choose your brand: You aren’t limited to the brands that offer their coffee in single serve cups, nor are your limited by your store’s selection of single serve coffee cups.
  • Make your own blend: Want half-caff coffee? Just blend half decaf, half regular coffee and add to your Cafe Cup! Add fresh spices, if you like, for a healthy gourmet cup of coffee.
  • Yes, you can make tea with Cafe Cup!
  • A Cafe Cup set includes cups in two different colors. Use the colors to keep track of decaf and regular coffee. Or, use one color for tea, the other for coffee. This prevents flavor transfer from one beverage to the other.
  • No more waste. Just keep reusing your Cafe Cups.


  • You have to fill your own cups, which can sometimes be inconvenient.
  • It’s important to wash Cafe Cup soon after using, to prevent residue from one batch of coffee from contaminating another batch.

Where to Buy

I would definitely get your Cafe Cup online through their official website. They doubled my order for a small handling fee and I got a money back guarantee in case I didn’t like the product. This is the best deal I have seen anywhere.

Final Recommendation

If you like coffee and have access to a single cup coffee maker, you need Cafe Cup. You’ll be able to save money and get the flavor and quality of coffee that you like, all while protecting the environment.

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