Bright Light Pillow Review – As Seen On TV Product Reviews

120902_ca_06_71__3-3247710My kids share a room and the youngest is absolutely afraid of the dark. We thought we’d solved the problem by buying a nightlight, but it turns out that our oldest doesn’t like the light shining all night. The only way to deal with this is for her to get up after her sister falls asleep and turn off the nightlight, sometimes waking her sister up and starting the whole process again.

I didn’t know what to do, and just figured that this was one family problem we’d have to grow out of. One night, though, I was sitting around watching television when I came upon the perfect solution: The Bright Light Pillow.

The commercial showed this glow-in-the dark pillow that lit up when tapped or squeezed. The illumination only lasted 15 minutes, though, which was plenty of time for my youngest to get to sleep. If she needed more time, all she had to do was squeeze the pillow. Even better, my other daughter thought the colorful lights were “cool” and asked for a pillow of her own!

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How It Works

The Bright Light Pillow is covered with an ultra-soft fabric, making the pillows cuddly and comfortable. Inside the pillow is an LED light that illuminates the pillow with just a tap or squeeze. The light doesn’t get hot and doesn’t burn out. The fact that it never gets hot makes it completely safe for you and your kids. After 15 minutes of lighting, the pillow goes dark. If you want it to light up again, just give it another tap or squeeze and it will turn back on. The pillows come in several different colors and shapes, including a white pillow that glows with several different lights which we feel is the coolest looking one of them all.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Bright Light Pillow

My family loves the Bright Light Pillow for several reasons:


  • Unlike a nightlight, the pillow stays on for only fifteen minutes. If a user wants it on longer, they just have to tap or squeeze it.
  • Bright Light Pillows are more personal than nightlights. The user can keep it in his or her own bed, creating less of a distraction for others.
  • Using the pillows won’t raise your electricity bills and the pillows won’t heat up which makes them 100% safe.

As with anything, there are both advantages and disadvantages to these pillows. Although the cons are minor and we don’t feel they should steer you away from purchasing, we figured we would mention them anyway.


  • The pillows only stay on for fifteen minutes, so if you are using them as decorations, you’ll have to keep tapping them throughout the evening.
  • They don’t have as many different shapes as I would like.
  • They can’t be put in the washing machine if they get stained.

How to Buy It

I’m sure there are several places where you can buy the pillows, but I suggest going through the official website. I got a free shipping deal when I bought three pillows, and I’m not sure you can get that offer any place else. It’s also the cheapest place I have seen these pillows for sale. Just click the banner below and you will be redirected to their site where you can make your purchase.

My Recommendation

If you have kids, particularly if they are afraid of the dark, Bright Light Pillows are a must. They light up to let your child feel safe enough to drift off to sleep and, if your kid needs a little more time, all he or she has to do is give the pillow a squeeze. Even kids who don’t have problems with the dark love the “cool colors” generated by the Bright Light Pillow.

The pillows are also great if you, or your teenage kids, enjoy entertaining and want to give your parties a club-like feel. I’d recommend getting several pillows (remember, you get free shipping with a purchase of three) and scattering them around your party room. Tap each before your guests arrive, and watch the fun begin as they take turns tapping the pillows and keeping them turned on.

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