Blood Type Workout – As Seen On TV Product Reviews

Like a lot of people, I’ve been concerned about getting into shape. I’ve thought about joining a gym, but those fees are so high. I have no room for a treadmill, so I’ve pretty much just tried to get a lot of extra walking in,

Then a friend told me about the Dr. Joseph Cristiano Blood Type Workout. This is a program customized to your blood type, showing you how to eat and move in accordance with your genetics, ensuring a maximum benefit. The program was completely self-contained and you can do it at home. I figured I’d give it a try.

You know what? I like it! I get a great workout and I never have to worry about trying to get to the gym. Plus, there are no special foods or pills, so I can eat and shop normally. It’s great!


How It Works

You begin by selecting a set of exercise videos that corresponds to your blood type. Using the videos, along with the included nutritional guide, you’ll learn how to change your lifestyle in a way that keeps you healthy and allows you enjoy maximum strength and flexibility. You’ll be able to lose weight and build muscle in a way that comes most naturally to you.

Pros and Cons

I like the Blood Type Workout, but no one system is best for everyone. Here are some things to think about:


  • The Blood Type Workout is designed to help you develop a healthy lifestyle suited for your blood type.
  • No need to join a gym or invest in expensive equipment, you can work at home and while traveling.
  • Everything is included with this system: DVD’s, diet plan, even exercise equipment.
  • No meetings to attend, no ongoing fees. Buy the program, and you are ready to start working out.
  • The kit includes DVDs for each blood type, so you only need one kit per household!


  • You do have to have access to a DVD player.
  • Because you are working out at home, you won’t have the support of other people around you, though you could ask a friend or family member (with the same blood type) to exercise with you.

Where to Buy

I bought mine at the official Blood Type Workout website. I was able to get a payment plan, a money back guarantee, and some free exercise equipment, including sand weights and a resistance band.

Final Recommendation

As with any diet or exercise program, it’s important that you talk to your doctor about starting Dr. Joseph Cristiano’s Blood Type Workout. But if you are looking for a a straightforward, yet customized, workout that you can do at home, give this program a try.

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