Baseboard Review – Uses Of The Baseboard Buddy

If you’re looking up the baseboard buddy, you’re probably thinking about doing some cleaning. The Baseboard Buddy can definitely help you with that depending on what you’re planning on doing.

Before we get started discussing the Baseboard Buddy, let’s talk about what it means to do a deep clean so you can see just how it can help you out.

If you’re like a lot of people, there are plenty of places you’ve neglected since the last time you did a deep clean.

Here are some suggestions on what to focus on when you do decide to do a deep clean:

  • The Dishwasher
  • Countertops
  • Cabinets
  • Windows
  • Floors
  • Refrigerator
  • Washer/Dryer
  • Oven
  • Baseboards
  • Crown Molding

A lot of that seems pretty straightforward, and a lot of it is hard work that requires some real elbow grease.

What if you could make life just a little bit easier by having the right tool to make cleaning go more quickly?

That’s where the Baseboard Buddy comes in. It’s made to help you clean your baseboards and crown moldings in a much more comfortable way.

As a bonus, you can do more than one thing with it – you can do a dry sweep or a wet mop with the buddy as you require.

What is the Baseboard Buddy?

Bending over for long periods of time can cause some severe back pain, so why not try to go forward and find tools that can keep you from having to deal with it?

That’s the goal of the Baseboard Buddy. The idea is that the Baseboard Buddy is meant to allow customers to be able to clean baseboards all without bending over to make it happen.

The Baseboard Buddy is yet another product that has become a TV sensation because of the claims to the ease of use and the promise of avoiding backbreaking work.

Uses of the Baseboard Buddy

The Baseboard Buddy can be used in a few different ways. You can use it wet for deep cleaning or dry for routine cleaning.

What makes Baseboard Buddy unique is that it is made to be able to conform to any baseboard regardless of the shape.

The commercial first hit the airways in 2015 and has since become fairly well known as a better way to clean.

The commercial focuses on how cleaning the baseboards with the Baseboard Buddy is easier because it makes baseboards easy to reach. They say all you have to do is “walk and glide” the Baseboard Buddy across the baseboard.

Baseboards shouldn’t look like that but cleaning them breaks your back. Running and scrubbing on hands and knees. Now, there’s a better way to clean baseboards with ease.

Introducing Baseboard Buddy, the easy reach baseboard cleaner. Forget bending over – with the Baseboard Buddy, you don’t even need to lean to get baseboards clean. Just walk and glide. Baseboard Buddy cleans for you.

Their patent-pending design is built around what they call the “Flex Head Design” which is meant to conform to any given model of your baseboard. The fibers attract and hold onto the dirt and the dust.

The secret is the Flex Head design. It conforms to any baseboard while the plush fibers gran dust and dirt, buffing the woodwork so they look like new.

You clean your furniture and floor, but what about the baseboard? Baseboard Buddy completes the job in no time. Turn cleaning baseboards from grueling to glamourous. Make it your best cleaning buddy.

The commercial goes on to explain how to care for the buddy. When you’re done with it, you rinse the head and then let it dry. Thanks to the swivel head, you can get to the baseboards from any angle.

Use dry for anytime cleaning. Use wet to scrub stubborn dirt. Dirt is gone, just like that. Just rinse and clean when you’re done.

The swivel action lets you clean and buff baseboards from any angle. No sweat at all.

The telescopic handle also allows you to reach the upper corners of your crown molding, too. Baseboard Buddy was even endorsed by Martha Stewart for being a fantastic cleaning tool.

Remove allergens in bedrooms, germs, and bacteria in bathrooms. Make the living room picture perfect before guests arrive. No wonder Baseboard Buddy was featured on Good Morning America and it’s one of Martha Stewart’s go-to tools.

With an endorsement like that, it makes getting to know a little more about the Baseboard Buddy more worthwhile.

You’ll need to figure out whether or not it lives up to the claims that are being made, so keep reading to learn more about real people that reviewed this very product.

It looks like a small map, but it does more than you would think it does. It also has a cleaning brush designed to clean the top of your baseboards.

The swivel head lets you stand and clean, making it easy for you to simply walk and clean. The design makes the Baseboard Buddy perfect for dry dusting or for an even more in-depth clean if you get it wet.

The pros include the idea that it works the way it is described reasonably well. One of the only downsides is that if your baseboards or crown moldings are unusually large, the Baseboard Buddy may not encompass the entire side.

Textures can also cause issues if your flooring is uneven. Carpeting will cause you to go slower because it will not glide as smoothly as it would over a laminate floor.

On the bright side, the Baseboard Buddy is great for reaching high places that are otherwise difficult to get to.

If you take a look at other reviews, you’ll notice that they are relatively evenly divided on the Baseboard Buddy.

Here’s a quick tip for you – should you decide to buy one, consider buying extra cleaning pads because they don’t last incredibly long.

Customer Reviews About the Baseboard Buddy

Since it first came out, the Baseboard Buddy has amassed quite a number of reviews. If you go out to Amazon, you’ll see over 750 reviews, and they cover the gambit from 1-star to 5-stars.

Looking at the most recent negative reviews, you’ll see comments like “the pad kept crumbling” and “it broke during the very first use.” Another customer claims that “it broke during the very first use.”

It would seem that most of the customers with a negative experience had issues with the overall construction of the item, claiming that the pad didn’t stay on the handle as designed.

On the other end of the spectrum, verified reviewers say things like it “works great, nice addition to my cleaning supply’s [sic] to make life easier!”

One particularly helpful reviewer mentions the way that the head comes unscrewed and offers a fix, too. “Yes, it is cheaply made, but it really does the job, if you can keep the cleaning head screwed to the pole,” so he decided to “use plumber’s Teflon tape – at least two thicknesses, and I have not had the head come loose from the pole yet!”

When you have reviews that cover the gambit, be sure you read it all with a grain of salt and do your own research. At least they’re not terribly expensive, especially if you order one off of Amazon.

You can also go out to YouTube and view video demonstrations and reviews of how the Baseboard Buddy performs. You’ll find a pretty split environment there, too.

In this one review by James White with Freakin’ Reviews, he demonstrates using the Baseboard Buddy on an edging towards the top of the ceiling. It worked pretty well as a dry wiper for collecting dust.

He proceeded to wet mop the baseboards and scrub them. He feels as though the performance of the Baseboard Buddy was comparable to being scrubbed with a good, old-fashioned cloth and bucket.

He does make some observations regarding the pad, too. It gets dirty quickly and seems to come apart quickly, too. He makes the same point that the pads seem to need to be replaced fairly often.

In the end, he feels like it was great for dusting, but he didn’t see much of a difference between using it as a deep-cleaning kind of tool.

In another video review on YouTube, Jill with Mommy Keeps it Real, demonstrated using the Baseboard Buddy, too. She says that it worked and worked well, although it is important to note she did a dry dusting.

She even demonstrated using the Baseboard Buddy in her bathroom, which in her opinion, needed a deep clean. She cleaned with a deep-clean technique in the bathroom and was met with success. She thought it worked really well.

Jill had some final thoughts on cleaning that mirror other people’s experiences, too. She says that the head kept unscrewing which is something that was read again and again. She also noted that when it was wet, it was difficult to get the dust off of the cleaning pad, and also that the cleaning pad held on to the moisture for quite a long time.

She does suggest not mixing wet and dry dusting all at the same time to prevent transferring dust from the pads to the walls. It is more of a tip than anything else. She does love that the way the Baseboard Buddy made cleaning much easier for her.

Where to Buy Baseboard Buddy

You can find it at places like Bed, Bath, & Beyond, Target, Walmart, and anywhere else you can buy “As Seen on TV” products. You can also get it directly from Baseboard Buddy’s website.

If you purchase it from the website, you’ll want to know about their guarantee and return policy:

“Your satisfaction is important to us and is 100% Guaranteed. If you are dissatisfied with any merchandise for any reason, simply return the product within 30 days of receipt for a full refund of your purchase price, excluding processing and handling.”

That sounds encouraging, doesn’t it? They go on to say that you just need to contact them first to let them know that you’re sending it back and that you are responsible for any other costs that are incurred.

That may or may not be a deal breaker because shipping can cost almost as much as the product, so you’ll have to make your decision based on that, too.

Buying a Baseboard Buddy should be based on all of the research you can find, which admittedly tends to repeat itself because let’s face it, it’s not a complicated tool with lots of complex parts.

It’s meant to do a single job – make cleaning easier for you.

Read reviews, compare costs, and decide if picking up the Baseboard Buddy is exactly what you need.

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