Are You Spending Enough Time With Your Kids? 6 Home Services to Make Sure You Are – As Seen On TV Product Reviews

How many times have you though that there are not enough hours in a day? If you are anything like I was, it is too many. Between work commitments, family commitments, travelling, and household chores, I was one of the 33% of parents (according to USA Today) who do not spend enough time with their children. No longer though, I have now finished with rushing around to organize my life; now I let other people do the rushing around for me. Here’s how I have used home services to strip hours out of my daily routines.

Laundry Service

This one was a no brainer for me, and the start of my time efficiency drive. I was spending too much time rushing back and fore the dry cleaners until a friend recommended I use a pick-up and delivery service. The same company offered to do all my laundry for me (not just dry cleaning) and I gratefully accepted.


I have no idea how we managed in our home without a cleaner. My cleaner comes three times a week and is a blessing. I still wash dishes in my home (or put them in the dishwasher), and potter around with bits and pieces, but, in all honesty, my cleaner can do in 3 visits what it used to take me a week to complete, and I love her for it.

Home Delivery

Shopping is a chore that should only ever be done if you are going to treat yourself, and as I didn’t get to treat myself very often, I decided to wipe this out of the equation too. The statistics for online shopping are amazing, and I have added to the incredible figures in a bid to save the time spent travelling, wandering around malls and supermarkets, and queuing up to give somebody money. It seems I can buy whatever I want, from anywhere in the world, and have it delivered to my door. The internet truly is the best creation ever.

Yes, that’s right, auto-repair. If you don’t have a new car, it is amazing how much time you can waste having a car repaired. My usual jaunt to the repair shop went something like this. Time spent travelling to the repair shop, time travelling back from the repair shop while the car was repaired, time travelling to the repair shop for pick up and, finally, time spend driving home. This took hours, (usually over a several days), but was infinitely preferable to the interminable time spent in the waiting room if you could not get home. Using one of the local services like means that my car can be repaired outside my property while I enjoy one of the finer things in life, like a…

Home Massage

Even though a massage was one of the ways that I used to find to relax, it was still taking too much time. These days I fit my massage into a weekly slot that I know will be free, and my masseur arrives on time with all his equipment, relaxes me for an hour and leaves. I still get to enjoy my massage, but I haven’t wasted any in my car, or the waiting room of the spa I used to visit.

Home Tutor

Three times a week my son used to go for special tutoring sessions at the home of one of his teachers. The lessons involved a thirty minute journey each way, and (often) an hour wait for the lesson to finish. Something needed to be done. After speaking to his teacher, it was obvious he was not prepared to travel to my home (even for extra money), so I found a mobile tutor on the internet. I now save 6 hours a week, I have a son who is very happy with his tutor (a much younger, funnier guy), and I am spending extra time with my youngest. It was a win win situation, especially as I am actually saving money this way.

By using these home services I am saving hours, not weekly, but daily, and I have much more time to spend playing and relaxing with my children. I would recommend everybody trying to do the same, and using any extra time they generate on enjoying life, rather than letting it pass you by.

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