Nobody likes getting older. That’s why we fight the ravages of time with all sorts of exercises and devices. Interestingly enough, while we understand the importance of hitting the gym to keep our bodies in shape, we predominantly rely on creams to keep our faces looking good. The trouble is that only using cream to address facial aging is like only using body lotion to improve the look of our body. That wouldn’t be effective without actually doing exercises on our arms, legs and abs. Creams address the surface issues but don’t address the supporting muscles underneath. These muscles sag with age. Therefore, it’s absolutely important that we “work out” with them just as we would with any other part of the body. Facial muscle exercises are challenging. Fortunately, there is a modern solution that works wonders on faces. It’s called the Facial Toner. The amazing Facial Toner device for men and women promises to improve the way we look in an easy and convenient manner. This one really does work, people. Read on to find out how it worked for us.

How the Amazing Facial Toner Device for Men and Women Works

The Facial Toner works by stimulating the nerves of your face. In turn, this stimulation exercises your facial muscles. As your muscles contract, they gain strength. Over time, this gives you a more youthful appearance. Unlike skin creams, this product doesn’t just reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Instead, it actually strengthens the muscles that support our skin, reducing the facial sagging and slackness that really ages us.

Using this product is very simple and self explanatory. You simply apply the medical grade, FDA cleared gel pads to your face and turn the device on. That’s pretty much it. Now, just relax. In 20 minutes, the machine will give your face an incredible workout which vanishes your wrinkles over time. We absolutely loved the ‘work out’ and found it incredibly relaxing after a long day of work.

Pros and Cons of the Amazing Facial Toner Device for Men and Women

Making decisions about anti-aging  products is a big deal. It’s wise to consider the pros and cons of products. We’ve listed them here for you to consider:


  • Noninvasive. No cutting, no needles, no surgery.
  • The cost of one Facial Toner costs less than the number of medi-spa treatments required to obtain the same results.
  • Use this product in the privacy of your own home.
  • Adjustable settings assures your comfort while using the device.
  • Different machines for men and women result in optimized
  • FDA Cleared, medical grade device. So, you know it’s safe for everyone to use.


  • You must commit to 20 minutes per day, 5 days per week of use, initially. However, you can eventually scale back to 2 sessions per week.

Where to Buy the Amazing Facial Toner Device for Men and Women

We recommend purchasing Facial Toner through its official website. By buying here, you’ll get a 60 day money back guarantee along with a 2 year warranty against defects. The manufacturer seems to really stand behind this product. We didn’t experience any issues, so we can’t comment first hand about the warranty. However, we also didn’t come across any horror stories about product returns in our research of the product. You’ll also get a chance to purchase a second device at a special, reduced discount of $50 off. The website is very informative and explains why this product works so well.

The manufacturer has a separate website for our neighbors to the north. For those of you in Canada, you can place your order for the Facial Toner here.

Final Recommendation

There are all kinds of lotions and creams out there that can improve the surface of your skin. However, they don’t correct the problem of sagging and aging. Facial Toner isn’t invasive and doesn’t require multiple trips to a medi-spa or aesthetician. If you planned to spend big bucks on surgery or botox, consider this alternative first.

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