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Cooking is one of my hobbies, but there are times when I get really frustrated in the kitchen. I’ve got some carpal tunnel from working with computers, and super-heavy knives really strain my hands. Plus, if I’m preparing sticky foods, like cheese, I’m constantly struggling with pushing food off the knife blade as I cut.

Yes, I tried lighter, cheaper knives, but their blades always dulled quickly and they didn’t have the strength to cut through tougher foods. Sure, there are some lightweight Japanese knives on the market, but one little knife can cost $50 or more. I just don’t have that kind of cash.

I didn’t see any way around this problem until my mom called me one day, all excited. She told me that she saw a commercial with Ming Tsai, celebrity chef (Check out his show, Simply Ming!) and owner of Blue Ginger restaurant. He was showing off this amazing knife that was lightweight, yet sharp and sturdy. The cost of this knife was far less than what I’d need to spend on a “professional” knife. I decided right then to give it a try. . .and I am so glad I did!

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How Aero Knife Works

Aero Knife is a chef’s knife with a big difference: The blade isn’t solid! Instead, 60% of the surface area has been eliminated, creating an aerodynamic, light blade that anyone can use. The lack of surface area reduces the problem of food sticking to the blade, allowing you to prepare food quickly and easily. Plus, the ergonomic handle reduces wrist strain.

This is a very sharp, lightweight knife that is easy to use, inexpensive, and eliminates the problem of food sticking to the blade. It’s made out of stainless steel, so you know it will last.


Length of knife: 10 inches

Blade length: 6 inches


How to Clean The Aero Knife:

While this knife is dishwasher safe, they recommend you to hand-wash it since dishwashers can cause the knife to bang around and scrape against other objects which may effect the blade.

Check out the video below to see it in action:

Pros & Cons

As with anything you buy for your kitchen, Aero Knife has its advantages and disadvantages, though I still recommend buying one.


  • Aero Knife is very light and easy to handle. If you have arthritis, carpal tunnel, or just wrist pain in general, this knife won’t be too heavy to hold.
  • Save a lot of money over big-name “gourmet” knives.
  • 60% less surface area reduces the possibility of food sticking to your knife.
  • Easy to perform many cooking tasks such as slicing cheese, meats and veggies.
  • Save money by not buying pre-cut foods: Aero Knife makes prepping food super-easy.


  • Only comes in one size, which may not work for some cooking tasks.
  • No knife block or storage container is available.
  • Lack of a solid blade makes it impossible to use the knife blade to crush herbs and seasonings, such as garlic cloves.

Where to Buy

Without a doubt, get your Aero Knife online through the official website. Aside from the fact it’s not available in stores yet, you get a money back guarantee plus a lot of free bonuses, such as an extra knife and an Edge of Glory knife sharpener! Don’t risk getting ripped off through third-party sellers: Order your Aero Knife direct from the source.

Final Recommendation

For the life of me, I can’t figure out why anyone would pay upwards of $50 for a chef’s knife when they can get the Aero Knife at a fraction of the cost. This knife works: It performs all major kitchen tasks, is easy to care for and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Give it a try.

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